L'Oreal True Match Genius Review

When I decided to start my new series, "First Impression", I wanted to start it with a product that I was really excited about. And one of the newest products in my collection that really made me very excited was L'Oreal True Match Genius. Why? Because it claims that it's a primer, foundation, concealer and powder in one.

 I like that there's a little peek-a-boo where you can see the product.
It comes with a sponge and a mirror.

 Got the shade N1 Nude Ivory

 Initially I thought it's powder, but it's cream that sets powder.

Here's my First Impression on the product. Full review at the bottom.




As you can tell, my first impression wasn't exactly all butterflies. Honestly, it was really because I ended up looking very greasy and was feeling uncomfortable. I actually didn't want to use any primer or set it with a separate powder because I wanted to see how it will hold up on my combination skin.

Full Review:

After my initial impression, I knew I needed to do something different. So I decided to use it as a "foundation" instead of an all-in-one product. And it worked fantastic!

I used a separate primer prior to using this as my foundation and undereye concealer. I had to use a different concealer for my pimple because the True Match Genius cakes if you build it. I still didn't use powder since this already sets like powder anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised that it held up really well. At the end of the day, I was a little oily but not as bad as the one without any primer.

  • It minimized my pores.
  • Application is really easy.
  • My skin looks so smooth and flawless!
  • I like the packaging. Very travel friendly.
  • With this product, I can hit 3 birds. Foundation, undereye concealer and powder.
  • The shade N1 is finally my true match!

  • It's not buildable.
  • I can't use it for my zits and pimples because putting more product will result to caking.
  • I end up with a greasy face if I don't use a separate primer.

After using this different ways, I have finally concluded that it's not a 4-in-1 product for people with combination to oily skin. If you want to keep your face matte, use a separate mattifying primer. You may also need to retouch after a few hours. For people with dry skin, I highly suggest moisturizing first as this clings to dry patches. However, I do like the "on-the-go" theme of this product. And it really does leave the skin looking smooth and beautiful after application. They also have a good selection of shades.
I personally would use this during times that I have good skin, no breakouts and no zits. As I know my skin will look real flawless even for photos!
2 out of 3 Schnauzers

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