YELLOWMUM: Robyn the Sugar Skeleton

Happy Halloween from Little Robyn! Truth be told, my family doesn't really celebrate Halloween. For me personally, I just don't really know what you're exactly celebrating. Haha! So when Robyn's teacher told us that they were going to have a Halloween Party, I kinda panicked. I already knew that obviously they were going to have a costume party, but I just didn't know where to start.

First of all, Robyn was assigned the "skeleton" costume. Apparently, I learned from the party that they have a skeleton performance and it wasn't just Robyn who was assigned to be a skeleton. I remember the first thing that popped into my head was oh no, I won't be able to put makeup on her that much because obviously, skeleton's just black and white. And I was really looking forward to putting makeup on her because she loves it.

So fast forward a couple of days later, thankfully hubby found this cute skeleton costume from SM Department Store. Before that, we were already looking for costumes and just couldn't find anything cute. So when H saw this, he immediately got it and paid for it. It also comes with a vest but I decided to remove it because the venue where the party was held wasn't airconditioned and it was pretty warm.

H was so excited because he wanted Robyn to a hold a bone. He was able to get a bone from Pooch Park that looked like a human bone. It was a little creepy actually!

Onto the makeup. H bought face paint from SM and I decided to use "Sugar Skull" as inspiration instead of just the usual skeleton look. I thought it would look cuter, add a little more color and character to the entire look.

It was my first time to use face paint and gosh, it was so difficult. It was so sticky and it didn't set at all. I even put powder on top but to no avail. I used my own makeup for the design and I used a lot of gel eyeliner for all the swirls and details of the look. Robyn was cooperative because she really enjoys makeup. Since it was my first time to actually put on real makeup on her, she was really looking forward to it. :)

Robyn, along with her classmates, performed in front and she was so amazing. She was dancing while playing her flute. And I was surprised that she really held on and even held up her bone. Haha! Most of her classmates didn't put on makeup so she definitely stood out.

I was definitely so proud of her. She did so well, performed great and she enjoyed the party a lot. When her teacher called her to the backstage, she stood up and waved goodbye to me and went on. It felt great seeing her progress even though she only goes to school 3x a week. Another thing, her friend in school cried when she was asked to sit beside Robyn. Her yaya said she's scared because of Robyn's costume. Haha! Anyways, it was a fun experience and I'm glad that Robyn enjoyed it too. :)

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