3S Pre-Glued Lashes

Today I want to talk about false lashes. I don't know about you but I am not one of the lucky ones who have long and full lashes. My real lashes are short, stick straight and almost non-existent. I would usually use lengthening and volumizing mascaras to hopefully help achieve beautiful lashes but let's face it, false lashes is the way to go for instant modelesque lashes! 

One thing that sucks when putting false lashes is having to glue it on the lashline and that fear of the false lashes falling off. So I was so excited when I learned about 3S Pre-Glued Lashes!

Watch my review and demo on how to use 3S Pre-Glued Lashes:

It's also very easy to use. It's honestly a no-brainer. And I feel like it's even easier than wearing the usual false lashes. It also comes with a spare pair of preglued strands if you need to change it.

What I LIKE:
  • so easy to use
  • reusable
  • doesn't fall off easily!
  • no need to buy a glue
  • no need to bring a glue for retouching :p
  • has a spare pair of pre-glued strands
  • very affordable at P250.00 a pair!
  • so many other variants to choose from.
  • none at all!

Okay another thing, as I said it is reusable! I have actually used my pair 3x already and also changed the strands. I already used the new spare and don't forget to use the stand so it's actually easier to change the bands.

And hey, if you take good care of your false lashes, you can even buy this Refill Adhesive Strand pack. So handle the lashes with care and enjoy puttin them on every single time! :)

I am just in love with this! It has definitely rekindled my lash obsession! So don't be surprised if you see me with full and fluttery lashes! You'll know my secret. ;)

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Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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