YELLOWMUM: 2 Year Old Toddler Update!

My daughter is 2! She's actually almost 2 1/2 yrs old as I am typing this. Time has flown by so fast and I can't believe I'll be bringing her to school next year! Aaakk! So many things have changed during these past couple of months and most of them are for the better. :)

Since she's bigger now, we have converted her crib to a toddler bed. I'm so glad we decided to get this bed. We got it for a really good price and have adjusted it from a baby bed, to an infant bed (we just removed the bassinet and used the bottom part of the crib) then now to a toddler bed. We just purchased a mattress from Uratex.

She's been doing very well in her car seat. I decided to keep her in her car seat last year and at first, I had to sit beside her. And then to entertain her, we installed a TV where she can watch her cartoons and so I can stay in front on the passenger seat. But now, ever since the TV got broken (hubby hasn't fixed it yet), she has found something else to entertain her, her toys and singing along with the radio! This is definitely one of our best purchases and I highly suggest you get a car seat.

I feel like we have been enjoying going out with her more now. I tell my friends this quite often, she's improved so much and it's just more fun and enjoyable to go out with her now as compared to when she was younger.

She's also joined games in children parties! So far, we have attended 2 children parties this year and both times she enjoyed a lot. She enjoyed the magic show, and in 1 of the parties, she even joined and volunteered in the games!

This June, we moved to our new house. It wasn't such a big change for her because while we were building the house, we would visit it as a family so she has definitely seen the house from when it was just cement to now. She's been loving the space a lot, because we used to have a small place prior to this house. It's so cute when she tells people it's Robyn's house. Or when we get home, she'll say, "Yey! Robyn's house!"

We've also experimented with her hairstyles a whole lot. H always cuts her hair and we've tried several styles.

But just last July, she got her first haircut in the salon! She was so well behaved. She just sat on the "car" and played while watching Mickey Mouse on TV. :)

As always, she's this funny little kid with all her kalokohan. She is so charming. I admit at first, she looks mataray because she's shy and she doesn't really smile right away and takes a little bit of warming up. But once she's comfortable, she's so sweet and really funny!


For our disciplining method, we got a lot of great tips from Super Nanny! I wish we had this on cable TV.

We use Time Out and we also talk to her. I don't spank her because it didn't work for us. I also try not to because I know it's not really good to do it. My daughter is a smart girl (thank breastfeeding, genes or whatever for it but she is) and she understands and communicates with us. So communicating and talking to her is the best way to explain to her what she did wrong. If she needs alone time, she gets time out.

Now potty training. I would prefer calling it toilet training because we never tried using the "potty" or the small seats for kids. I went straight to using the toilet. I purchased the First Years Toilet Seat because it looks like the most comfortable one. It has a cushion, handles and the size it just about right.

I started "really" toilet training her when we moved. I remember she was just a few weeks shy of being 2 years and 5 months. We tried using the toilet for 2 days but I found myself being very impatient, sometimes even snapping at her. I remember my husband reminding me to keep my cool when I got really frustrated. That week, Robyn also got sick. She had colds and I had to give her some medication. This medicine made her privates very itchy so she kept scratching and scratching. So we stopped after maybe 3 days of toilet training and a lot of underwear changes after. After 2 weeks, I decided to give it another go. She was 2 years and 5 months, this time, I knew I was ready. I knew what to expect. I knew that patience was important and that it wasn't like training a puppy to pee in a newspaper. I had my facts straight, my knowledge in tow and Robyn was already feeling well at this time. So that's when we started toilet training again and we succeeded. For now, I would say she got the peeping in the toilet down, maybe 98%. Sometimes when she's so busy she tries to hold her pee and doesn't make it to the toilet. Pooping is another story though. So far, she's just comfortable letting me and hubby bring her to the toilet. So sometimes she still poops in her underwear. But we'll get there, I know we will. :)

I might do another video on toilet training because I know I watched several videos that helped me a lot. :) Do let me know if you also want a separate post on disciplining. :D

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