That's Heart Meet & Greet!

Last July, I went to Heart's Meet & Greet! I'm pretty sure you already know who That'sHeart is, right? If not, well she's a successful Youtuber and best of all, she's a Filipina!

It was amazing meeting Heart. First thing that comes to mind is how sweet she is! She's also very candid, down to earth, she's really really nice. And I feel like with her, what you see is what you get. Here are some more photos from the event!

I went with Ninna who fell in love with Heart because of how sweet and beautiful she is!

Gorgeous Benefit interiors!

Cerah was the host for the day.

I was lucky to have been chosen as part of the VIP list so I was seated pretty near (2nd row). Because of this, I was able to take lots of photos of Heart.

and even Tita Delle and Arnold too!

Oh I was able to ask a question. I asked her if she was given a choice where she'd want to settle down after the wedding, where will that be? She said she'd choose L.A. because Arnold and her are already familiar with the area and their closest families are there. But if they were to reside in the Philippines, she would want to stay in BGC (where I used to live before!!!! Gasp!)

And my follow up question was what's her plans after the wedding. Youtube wise, she will still be continuing doing videos. Not sure if they'll vlog even the birth of their baby-to-be (felt awkward to ask that) and as for personal life, she plans to get another cat!

When I was able to go up to her and take photos and even vlog her, I just had to tell her how much she inspires new Youtubers and vloggers like myself. She definitely is one of the people who I look up to when it comes to Youtube because she maintains to be down to earth even if she's already successful!

I prepared a gift package for Heart and her family. I gave something to her, Arnold and Tita Delle and I didn't forget to give something to Barry and Junior. This is her reaction when I told her I have something for her furbabies! :)

She's so beautiful! :D

I also took photos with Heart's dearest loved ones. Of course I had to take a photo with Arnold. He's really cute! ;)

And her adorable and very supportive mother, Tita Delle, who kept saying thank you for all the support for Heart. 

Well thank you also to Benefit Cosmetics for giving me this opportunity to meet Heart!!! I love Benefit! :D

A lot of Pinay youtubers were there. I wasn't able to take selfies with all of them but here are some and even our group photo with Heart!

In attendance were:
Janina, Me, Michelle, Ana, Joyce, Bea, Say and Cerah

Thanks Ana for calling all the youtubers for a photo!

And here's the loot that we received from Benefit. I shared my loot with Ninna. :)

Until now, when I remember Heart, it still makes me smile and leaves me happy! She is such an inspiration. But more than her success, I love that she's so proud to be Pinoy. :)

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