YELLOWMUM: Olivia Robyn's Baptism

It's been 2 months and I'm not just finding time to post about my daughter's baptism and 1st birthday. The past months have been really crazy and I haven't exactly figured out our new routine yet. But more on that next time.

I wanted to share some photos from Robyn's baptism. It was held last February 9, 2014, a week before her 1st birthday party. Initially, we were going to have her baptism on the same day as her birthday party. Everything was booked. And then we realized, it was going to be STRESSFUL for both my husband and I and even for my little girl. So a couple of weeks before, we moved it to the week before her birthday celebration. It was perfect because her godmother and godfather also wouldn't be able to make it on the original date. Little did we know that February 9 was also going to be a hectic day. We had to attend a big lunch party and another party after her baptism. Talk about time crunch.

We chose to have it at Santuario de San Jose, the same church where H and I wed 5 years ago. I thought it was a sentimental idea. Also we have already attended a baptism there and we liked the private chapel. We were also very comfortable with the staff of the church and the location was perfect.

I didn't hire a professional photographer anymore. (I was supposed to when we were having it same day as her birthday party) simply for the fact that the ceremony was just going to be 15 minutes long. My sister, Dane, who took up a photography course in college, was the one who took the photos for the baptism.

Here's an awkward shot before the ceremony started.

Here's a little DIY candlles. We just purchased these candles from the department store and we used cardboard for the holders and I put a fuchsia pink ribbon under it.

During the ceremony, Robyn was already a little restless. She was already tired coming from the previous party. She hasn't had her nap yet, though I tried to make her nap before. I'm just so happy that we still made it without her crying. :)

Look at her imitating the priest. So funny this girl.

The ceremony was about 20 minutes long indeed and we just stayed for a little while to take some more photos.

Thanks to my mom for lending me this lace dress from Anne Klein. ;)

We chose only 4 people to be Robyn's godparents. A lot of people will wonder, I'm sure. But honestly, we didn't need a lot of godparents. Some have tons and they don't even see their godkids anymore, and some don't even remember their godkids and vice versa. We didn't want that to be the case.

We also didn't need a lot of godparents because we know that Robyn is surrounded by so many good people who love her. We chose key people to be her godparents because we wanted to choose people who we know will always be in her life, who will be present in the most important events of her life. We chose people who we trust will be there for her and will guide her and teach her what is right. In the end, Robyn has 3 godmothers and 1 godfather.



Ceena and Dennis who are expecting their daughter in December.

After the ceremony, we had a little merienda in Caramia. We didn't take much photos anymore because we were just chatting away.

It was a solemn and private sacrament and we want to thank our godparents for taking time out of their busy schedules to be with us in this short but sweet momentous occasion. I think it was a better idea to have the baptism on a different day than the birthday party because Robyn didn't cry one bit. Plus she wasn't tired during her party. Post on that soon. :)
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