Favorite Finds 2013: Lips

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share my Favorite Finds for Lips! I am a huge believer of changing up lip colors to give you different looks. One of the parts of our face that some people tend to forget to take care of is the lips. But in reality, the lips show one's age. So caring for it shall not be overlooked.

 I have only a few favorite finds. I have one lip care and one lipstick. Even though I have used a lot of different lip products last year, these were the ones that I consider my "favorites".

Lip Care:

Since weather changes ever so often, I find my lips getting dry and chapped sometimes. Hurraw to the rescue! I love this lip balm and it's definitely my all time favorite lip balm as it moisturizes, conditions and leave my lips so kissable. I love all the unique flavors and best of all, they're organic! It's non-toxic and no preservatives so I don't get scared when I kiss my daughter on the lips.

So far my favorite flavor is Earl Grey. It's not strong and it just perks me up! :)


 BYS Lipgloss and Lipstick Duo in Dusty Rose

I actually haven't made a formal review on this yet but I've had this for awhile. This is by far the best MYBB (My Lips But Better) lip color for me, in my opinion. It's the perfect nudish pink shade. I am in love with it!

I love the consistency and texture of the lipstick. It glides on ever so smoothly. It's pretty moisturizing too. The color is the perfect pinkish lip shade. It's so easy to pair with any makeup look. The only thing is that I wish it was more long wearing, but other than that, it's great!

The gloss isn't that sticky, although you can still feel that you indeed are wearing gloss. It's pretty pigmented too. You can wear it alone if you prefer. I also tried wearing this with my other pinkish lipsticks and it works fine!

I love both the lipstick and the gloss. I wear just the lipstick alone and it looks amazing. I wear the lipgloss alone and still it looks great, but the combination of the two is just perfect!

Here's a swatch:

I hope you like these 2 favorite finds for the lips! Do share your favorite finds too! I'll be glad to try out new products this 2014!
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