Project Mom Book Launch

Being a mom nowadays, I feel is a lot easier compared to before. There's so much more technology and research materials available. I, personally, am so happy that I found wonderful articles and videos online that helped me during pregnancy and postpartum. The only downside is I had to go to several sites and forums to get information on the different topics. And I wasn't able to find a book that's complete and is based locally.

Here comes Project Mom to the rescue. Let's just say it's a complete guide from pregnancy to 1 year postpartum. It's written by Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and Amanda Griffin-Jacob.

I was fortunate to be invited to the book launch of Project Mom and was able to listen to Bianca and Amanda's stories while they were in the process of writing this wonderful book.

Before the event started, I saw Cutieverse's products on display! :) As you know Bianca and Amanda both live a natural and an organic lifestyle. What better way than to share their favorite products including those of Cutieverse!

To my surprise, guess who the hosts were! My highschool crush Marc Nelson and the beautiful Lexi Schulze!

So sorry I just have to gush and squeal for a moment. :)


The book tackles just about everything that you need from pregnancy to toddler years. In fact, Bianca and Amanda talked to 6 doctors who helped out in this book. Aside from these reputable doctors, they also asked helped from experts and real life moms to share their experiences as moms.

Amanda has got it covered from pregnancy wellness and morning sickness to the stranger things that can happen to your body during this 40-week gestational adventure. 

Babies need so many things and it’s hard to know exactly what you should get. Amanda outlines everything you need and reveals what your baby products should NOT contain so you know what to avoid.

You’ll never quite capture that magical feeling of being a NEW MOM again. It is hard to articulate all the emotions that are present in each moment. Amanda delves into what you can expect when you bring your baby home and gives some useful advice and empathy about new motherhood.

If there’s anything you need to know about breastfeeding your baby, it’s all here! Bianca gives you the lowdown on all the benefits of breastfeeding as well as the proper way to latch your baby, establish your milk supply and techniques on overcoming the common breastfeeding problems. 

Every new mom worries about her baby’s health. Here, Bianca discusses common conditions babies develop, immunization, development, dental health, first aid basics as well as red flags you need to look out for.

Amanda discusses what your baby needs for the first year and gives recommendations on how to foster good eating habits from day one.

Having a baby is a reason to celebrate! Bianca talks about documenting your baby's first year and throwing events you wont forget. 

Have baby, will travel! Traveling with your baby can be overwhelming for new moms. Bianca gives you tips on things to consider when moving about, the gear you need, as well as fun activities you can do with them near or far. 

Once you become a new mother, your life revolves around your baby. Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle. Amanda explores the importance of me time, girlfriends, and getting your body back.

Who wouldn't want to be this beautiful and sexy right? I actually liked what Bianca said. They were the It Girls back when they were younger, but now they're the It Moms. I love it!

Well, It Moms or not, I highly suggest you check this book out. Being a new parent can be challenging and stressful, let this book help and guide you through it. :)

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