Foot Massage Lounge

Finally, mommy time! I am so happy to have me time. When I was invited to the press launch of Foot Massage Lounge, I didn't think twice and said yes right away. I knew I had to go and check out the newest massage place in The Fort.

Located at 2F The Forum, South Global Commercial Bldg, it's a "secret" place away from the crowded streets of BGC yet is still very accessible to any foot massage lover.

I, myself, am a foot massage addict. I am very particular about my foot massages. I don't care much about other parts of my body but foot massage should be perfect or else I won't be relaxed at all. Apparently so is Cat Ilacad, founder of Foot Massage Lounge and its sister company, Posh Nails.

"I am a fan of foot massages kasi. Pero lahat ng napupuntahan, it's usually Asian or Zen. I wanted something different."

Upon entering, I noticed how quaint and elegant the ambiance is. It's so posh! Foot Massage Lounge's color scheme promotes a more Victorianesque, elegant feel that won't intimidate guys.

Cat happily shares, "I wanted sort of like a boutique hotel type and feel and the vibe. Completely the opposite of Posh Nails, this one is black and gold and it can be appealing to men also."

I was told that they opened last November and it is their first branch. I knew about it because I've been seeing raves on Instagram and have already thought of visiting the place sometime soon. Currently, they have 2 services to choose from; The FML Signature Massage and Deluxe Foot Massage.

FML Signature Massage (1 hr 15 mins) P750.00
Your feet work hard to take you to the top. Let Foot Massage Lounge take them on a 75 minute relaxing journey that is a combination of Shiatsu Massage and Foot Reflexology. This treatment is especially designed to release any tension and rejuvenate the mind, body and sole.

Deluxe Foot Massage (1 hr) P600.00

Cat puts her stamp of approval on these massages, "sinabi ko sa trainor na can we do this for foot massage lang. Katulad ng Posh Nails, tinetry ko muna bago ire-release sa mga clients."

For the launch, I was able to try the FML Signature Massage. When I was lead inside, I thought I was in a boutique-hotel. Cat definitely made sure to up the standards and make the ambiance relaxing and elegant at the same time.

“The usual set-up in other massage lounges are crowded chairs in common rooms where one has to contend with noise and chatter. My concept is that of a boutique hotel lounge, where one can relax and luxuriate in a quiet setting.” 
The experience starts with the relaxing modern ambience that offers a quiet escape from the city stress, with plush customized massage couches in rooms that are quiet, private, and comfortable. The black-and-white d├ęcor is a conscious effort to steer away from the usual look and feel of Zen massage lounges. 

Cat says that for Foot Massage Lounge, "in each private room, there is a customized recliner chair. You have your own TV which we provide you with USB para you can choose your own movie. Very private."

The rooms in Foot Massage Lounge are for singles, couples, and for groups of five and the family room which can accommodate six. I was escorted to the couples room.

The session started with the therapist giving me a robe and disposable shorts. I was pleasantly surprised that that's what they use. And then the massage started with head massage, shoulders, arms, feet then finally the back.

Let me tell you, I was ready to doze off when my arms were being massaged. It was so relaxing. Since their specialty was foot massage, the therapist gave more focus on the legs and the feet. Before the session started, I chose hard massage and that's what I got. It was so relaxing and was really good.

The back massage was dry massage. I personally prefer oil massage but even though it was dry, my therapist made sure to hit the right spots. She even commented that I have a lot of knots. Eek. Now, I as for their foot massage, I was satisfied with it. The therapist used kneading, pressure points and perfect way of stretching to relieve stress and to soothe any tiredness.

Happy relaxed girl right here!

“From traditional medicine practices, Foot Reflexology is believed to not only soothe sore feet, it can alleviate most other body aches and pains. We also combine foot reflexology with a soothing massage for the head, neck, shoulders and back, that will help reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and relieve acute and chronic pain. Our massage is also recommended to induce better lymph movement, Improve and increase the mobility and range of motions of joints.” Other wholistic health benefits of the massage, according to research, are stimulating or soothing the nervous system, enhancing skin condition, aiding in digestion and intestinal functions, and boosting the immune system.

The Foot Massage Lounge is perfect for those craving a good pampering, offering quality services with the ambience to match. I am definitely coming back. I'm very happy with the service. I'll probably try the Deluxe Foot Massage next. :) Hopefully, they also offer oil massage as an option as I would for sure, love that.

We were also given a little yummy cupcake from Gypsy Girl as souvenir. Perfect match to my pampering session! :)


Foot Massage Lounge
2F The Forum, South Global Commercial Bldg, 7Th Avenue corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio South, Taguig City
Telephone: 218-6744
Mobile number: 0926-7334929. 
Instagram: fmassagelounge

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