YELLOWMUM: SM Kids Toon Fest Event

I was really excited to go to the SM Kids Toon Fest 2013. I went with my hubby and baby to check out all the new stuff of our favorite brands of clothes.

Here are some highlights of the event:

Mascots came to say Hi!

 Betty Boop

 Robby Rabbit

For the event proper, Sam Oh was the host. I love Sam Oh. She was very enthusiastic and charming. She even went around and said hello to everyone before the program started. Like what I said in my video, I really like Sam's outfit and she said that her entire attire is from SM Kids.

Hubby said Robyn and Betty Boop have the same face shape. And I agree Haha!

 We just had to take a photo in Betty's backdrop.

Barbie's section was all pink and girly. I know a lot of moms who would love to see their kids in Barbie branded clothes. But I am actually more excited for her to start playing with Barbie doll. :)

Looney Tunes was also there! We have a couple of clothes from Looney Tunes. The Looney Tunes babies are just so adorable!

Sesame Street was also present. We don't have anything from this brand just yet, if I remember right.

We also dropped by the corner of Robby Rabbit to paint a shirt for Robyn.

Here I was wearing Robyn so I could use both my hands to do the activity.

Well unfortunately, they didn't have Robyn's size so the shirt that I painted on is still big on her. I'll keep it so she can wear it in the future. :p

It was a fun event! We had a great time meeting the mascots, checking out the new collection of the brands and actually painting a shirt for Robyn. :)

 My fellow moms, Ava and Jen

Thank you Krissy and ARC PR for the event!

Looking forward to more mommy events to come! :)

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