Monday Morning Thoughts

It's 8:22am as I'm typing this and I have just finished my cup of Milo and finished paper work for our business. I spent yesterday with my husband and baby (Family days are the best!) and had a bottomless Mountain Dew for dinner. I guess Caffeine kicked in. I couldn't sleep last night (slept at 2:30am) and woke up around 7am and things just keep popping in my head and so I decided to use my time more fruitfully and finish paper work that's been sitting on my table for the past couple of days.

Anyways, I've been thinking of a lot of things and I guess that's what caffeine do to you. Here's a list (in random order):
  • makeup workshops- I miss holding makeup workshops! I've done a couple of them and it's the best feeling knowing that you've shared your knowledge to ones who really are interested in it. I'm thinking of holding workshops again. Anyone interested? Email me.
  • beauty related videos- I haven't recorded a video for so long, simply because I don't seem to find time! I use natural daylight when I record my beauty videos but when Robyn is awake, I just can't find time to record. And she sleeps around 12mn-12:30am. We wake up 10am. I must find time to do this!
  • YellowMum videos- Another must do in my video list. I have yet to do even 1 postpartum update! Gosh I'm sooo behind.
  • life vlogs- I enjoy doing random vlogs because it's easy and you get to take a peek at what I do. I'm considering making vlogs more regular since I wouldn't need to sit and really focus unlike my beauty videos. Then again, my life REALLY isn't that interesting. What do you think?
  • Youtube channel art/photo- Seriously, I can't seem to resize my image properly. So I still haven't changed my Youtube banner just yet.
  • Robyn's baptism and birthday party- Robyn is now 6 months and in 6 more months, she's turning 1 which means having to throw a party. I don't have a clue how to start planning for a baby party! I need suppliers! And obviously that would mean doing research. I have started but I just can't seem to concentrate on researching!
  • makeup work- I decided to finally start accepting makeup bookings this coming September. I think Robyn is now older and H could handle her while I work. So yes, if you need a makeup artist, I'm available.
  • my eye glasses- I guess this is the most random one out of the bunch! I can't find my eye glasses! I'm so irritated. I think I left it in a restaurant in Cavite. So I have to ask if I did and it's in CAVITE! When will I return to Cavite?! But I don't want to buy just yet. :/

Robyn at 3 months

I guess that's about it. I'm just so buzzed right now because of the drink I had last night! Gosh, I shouldn't do this to myself. :z Anyway, onto my rambling. Robyn is  such a darling when we go out. She doesn't cry as much. I'm so so proud of her. And everytime I wear her, she just naps. She's such a good girl. We started feeding her solids and I have to say August 24 was her first successful solid intake. We tried giving her solids a few days before that but she didn't like it. I'll probably just do a separate post about this.

Well those are my random thoughts this morning. I hear some sounds, I think H and Robyn are already awake. That's it for today. Tatah! :)

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