YELLOWMUM: Baby Bullet, A Great Investment

Hey guys, I miss my YellowMum posts. I still have a lot of backlogs for this section but can I just say- I am so so so happy that Robyn's now 7 months! It's so crazy! Seriously, time just flew by so fast! Wow! And now since she has already passed her 6th month, aside from nursing, I am now feeding her solids.

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a photo of our new "set" for Robyn. I purchased the Baby Bullet from Pinky Shop. I was able to buy the set for P1000.00 and additional P100 for shipping to Manila.

I initially thought of just using an ordinary blender and use glass containers (liver spread size) for storage. But when I was trying to find an ice tray with lid, preferably something rubber so it's easier to plop out the content of the ice tray, I couldn't find one. And then I chanced upon the Baby Bullet and saw that it's already a complete set so I decided to get that instead.

Here's what it contains:

(I only got 1 short cup and 1 resealable lid in my set)

I have decided long ago that I won't be buying jarred food instead just make baby food from scratch. I personally was brought up with jarred food. It was at that time when they were the trend and practicality was the priority. I don't mind since I seem to be just fine and well, I'm still here, aren't I? But now that I'm a mom and I've done my own research, I just feel like making our own baby food is the only way to go. It's safer, I know what exactly goes into the food I'm giving my baby, and it's more economical too. We checked out the price of jarred food, and to our surprise, it was really expensive! Around P50 for a jar, and that's probably 1-2 eatings only. With making our own, I get to make 3-4 eatings for half the price.

Here are some comparison photos I wanted to share with you:

Photo: Baby Bullet Website
So far I think this is truly a great investment! I've used it so many times and the whole set really makes my life so much easier. Just a tip though, read the manual and the pocket nutritionist. I love those two because it really explains why making your baby's food is the best option and it also gives you ideas and recipes for your baby's meals and even when to introduce these food to your baby.
Are there any downsides? My short cup broke. :( I sterilized it together with the other parts and once it's done, I wasn't able to remove it in the sterilizer right away, so I guess the heat or the hot air deformed my short cup. :( I asked and I can't seem to buy just that, I would need to buy the whole set again. Sad. The bullets or storage cups are also sensitive to heat and they don't have a gasket inside so liquid may ooze out. Also, there is no power switch or on and off button on the power base so you have to be there to remove the batch bowl or remove the plug once you're done blending.
So that is it! I will try to post about the food I've already given my baby. So far we still do the 3-day rule; introducing a new food to the baby every 3 days to check for any allergic reactions. I always get excited when it's time to feed her new food. Haha! :) For new moms out there, you might want to check out the Baby Bullet. I know when you search it, you'll find a lot of sellers. Good luck! :D
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