K-Palette D-Eye-Y

This post has been in my to do list for weeks and just haven't had time to upload it. I wanted to share with you what happened during the K-Palette Mega D-Eye-Y event as they launched their new products, the Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue and Tape.

I was first escorted to the DIY activity, we were asked to wrap our press kit using the Furoshiki way of wrapping. I vlogged about it so you can see how. I plan to try doing this technique this Christmas. :)

Here's how it looks:

Next was to paint Cherry Blossoms! Okay, honestly, I suck at drawing and painting. I'm just fortunate that I can paint faces. But drawing? Err, never mind.. Haha!

The best that I can do.

The program started with Chief make-up artist Rina Ogata demonstrating how to use K-Palette products such as their eyebrow liners, eye liners and concealers. I love Japanese makeup because it always looks so fresh, young and hip!

Here's the final result:

 She used an orange shimmery eyeshadow for the lids of the model and added a little gloss on the lips.

The next portion was for the new products of K-Palette. They launched the Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue and Tape. I tell you, I'm so sure that my chinita friends will go gaga over these new products!

You can now make your own double eyelid to make your eyes look bigger and more awake with this revolutionary double eyelid glue. No need for surgery! Double eyelid in an instant! Stays the whole day and washable with soap and water! 

This is safe to use and it contains moisturizing ingredients such as Peony Extract, Rosemary Essence, Hyaluronic Acid Na and Chamomile Extract. 

Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue Type

This is best for those with no double eyelid (ting sun). It's recommended to use this before makeup application. It comes with a fork or pusher that you use to "push" the glue onto the skin.

 left- with glue type
right- bare

 left- with glue type
right- bare

Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Tape Type

Now this is best for those with double eyelid (ting sun) but want to enhance it further. And it is used after makeup application. The brush that comes with it is thicker than the glue type so it is said that this is Stage 2 as it's a little trickier to use than the glue type.

 left- glue type
right- tape type

 left- glue type
right- tape type

Mizuho Hakoyama, whose eye was used for the packaging of Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue and Tape was also there to show us the new Japanese makeup trends.

 And of course, photos with my fellow bloggers:

 Photo from: K-Palette FB Page
Jes, Donna, Phoebe, Cheryl of Beautybox and Me

 Photo from: K-Palette FB Page

 with Nikki and Angela

 with Jill

Thank you so much for a wonderful time Beautybox! :)

Photo from: K-Palette FB Page
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