YELLOWMUM: My New Routine & Life

So it's almost 2am and I'm still up. I can't sleep and instead of laying and just let my mind wander, I decided to just blog. This is finally my me time. Although I got to be honest, while blogging this, I'm actually also researching for my baby. You see on the 19th of this month, she's turning 6 months and I'll be starting her with her "solid" food. So I'm researching on tools that I'll need as I plan to make home made food for her.

I still find being a mom quite overwhelming at times. It's tiring yet fulfilling as I always say. Honestly, I don't have much time for myself. My routine is totally different now from what it was before I gave birth. My world truly revolves around her and finding time to do my own thing has been quite challenging. We don't have a helper at home and I don't mind. 

There are so many pros compared to cons. With that said, my day starts around 11am, yes that's the time I usually wake up (You'll know why in just a bit.). I feed my baby, pump milk and then proceed to giving her a bath. Yes, I would have my first meal of the day at around 1pm. Next is to feed her and then I can finally take a bath myself. I decide on what to cook for dinner and then play with Robyn. When she's a good girl and she's cooperative, I get to blog and/or edit a video. I also get to squeeze some other "me" stuff. And then before I know it, I gotta start preparing dinner. My husband is quite supportive. He makes sure to come home earlier. I think latest he comes home now is 7pm. After dinner, he helps me give Robyn a sponge bath and then it's time for our endless night routine of feeding. She usually sleeps around 11:30-1:00am. That means I get to shower, spend some alone time with my husband and do my night routine at 1 and finally sleep around 2am.  Hence the 11am wake up time. 

I'm grateful that Robyn's starting to grow up and be more behave. My husband has been appreciating her more. Can't blame him, she was such a cry baby when she was younger. Not to say that she doesn't cry anymore but she's definitely improved. I love seeing them smile and laugh together. It simply brings joy to me. I love that H supports my decision to be hands on with her but realizes that I would also need his help.

I'm also happy that because I'm 100% hands on with Robyn, I get to see every milestone. I saw the first time she turned and when she started rolling. I saw her first smile. She's so precious that I can never get enough of her. I guess that's how being a mom is.

Blogging is still definitely something that I want to continue as it's a form of stress reliever and I love love sharing my passion with my readers and subscribers. I also started getting back to makeup gigs. I haven't updated my portfolio yet but yes I'm back to accepting makeup jobs. I would like to thank H for being my "partner". When I need to go to an event or affair or makeup work, he would step in and babysit our daughter. It's really teamwork. It doesn't get any better than that.

So yes, that's how my life is right now. And even though it's hard and I do miss my "me" time (i.e. spa, movies, salon), she's worth it. :) Anyways, I have a lot of reviews for my YellowMum section. I just need to finish all my backlogs and also reserve a day or two for filming. I have a makeup tutorial I need to edit and upload very soon. So stay tuned and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. Ciao bellas! 

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