Grandma El’s, a special baby care formula from New York, is now in the Philippines. Time-tested, specially formulated, trusted and safe, Grandma El’s features a whole line of baby products dedicated to provide top quality care for your precious little ones. 

It all began in 1972 when a renowned skin care specialist and cosmetic chemist, Robert Posner, created a special formula that was used to heal patients with bedsores and other wounds in over 150 hospitals and nursing homes in New York. Decades later, his son Jonathan Posner saw the need for a truly safe and effective diaper rash product, so he took the special formula and started Grandma El’s. In just ten years, the brand has grown to offer a specialized line of baby products such as the Diaper Rash Ointment, Gentle Baby Lotion, Gentle Baby Shampoo, and Gentle Baby Wash, which are available in top retail establishments all over the world.

Honestly, I have never heard of Grandma El’s before. I guess because I only have 1 child so I haven't really immersed myself to different baby brands. What sets Grandma El's apart is that their formulation that does not contain parabens or preservatives. Simply put, they're safe even for newborns! Also, they use natural oils for the scent of their products to give that natural, mild and fresh fragrance that lasts which is exactly how I would describe the smell of their products.

Grandma El's products:
Tear-Free Gentle Baby Shampoo
Tear-Free Gentle Baby Wash
Gentle Baby Body Lotion
Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention

So far we have only used the Tear-Free Gentle Baby Shampoo and Tear-Free Gentle Baby Wash. And I have to say I am loving it! I love how they lather, the smell and the effect on Robyn.

Tear-Free Gentle Baby Shampoo
Prior to using this shampoo, we tried a Head-to-Toe type of body wash and unfortunately, it made Robyn's hair really dry. I even saw some dandruff once, or maybe it was dead skin cells. I don't know. But we ended up not finishing it. So I was looking forward to trying something new for Robyn and Grandma El's Tear-Free Gentle Baby Shampoo was great! I liked how it lathers. I put the shampoo in a foaming bottle and dilute it in water and it works so well. Just a pump is enough for Robyn's head. I like the smell although I prefer the baby wash better (more on that later). Finally, Robyn's hair is back to normal. No more dandruff/dead skin cells!

Tear-Free Gentle Baby Wash
First of all, I love the scent! This makes me want to smell Robyn over and over again and smother her with kisses! I swear! I use this on her face and her whole body (sans hair, as I use the baby shampoo). Do you know that baby smell? The fresh, mild powdery and just adorable smell? That's how this smells like! Plus an active ingredient is my favorite Japanese Green Tea, hence perfection! I actually haven't used their lotion yet because I noticed that with Grandma El's Tear-Free Gentle Baby Wash, Robyn's skin looks and feels moisturized. And now that I haven't been lathering any lotion on her, her skin hasn't broken out and there's no dry patches whatsoever, which was a pleasant surprise!

We haven't used the Gentle Baby Body Lotion and Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention yet but I'm sure they work as amazing as the shampoo and body wash! Other than those 4, Grandma El's also has Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention in a tub.

This is definitely a brand you should check out! Grandma El’s never settles for anything less than the best that your most precious little ones deserve. Grandma El’s Products are available at Robinson’s Supermarkets, Landmark, Market! Market!, Metro Gaisano, and Babyland. Online, they are available at Lazada, Cudsly and Babies to Toddlers. Standard Retail Price for each product is Php 465.00.

Grandma El's
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Disclaimer: Products are given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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This vlog was recorded more than a month ago when we just moved. I believe it was 2 weeks after our move. We were still waiting on our internet at that time because we had to change our internet provider since our old one didn't have signal in our home. I also give you a mini kitchen tour while I cook a bad tasting and smelling beef loaf! Spoiler alert: I decided not to eat it! We ended up just having eggs. 

Random Vlog: June 17, 2015

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Last April 22, 2015, the SkinWhite Captivate Council girls were given time to talk and mingle with 20 girls from Barangay Tagalag, which is the 2nd poorest barangay in Valenzuela. They were able to interact and talk to the people who lived in the area and learn about one another’s lives. A Personality Development Seminar was given by singer KA Antonio. She also gave tips on how stay confident and love your unique qualities. She also highlighted the importance of good grooming and making yourself feel beautiful with the help of the SkinWhite Lotion, Soap, Deodorant, Cleanser, Creams, and Face Cream Powder. And to top it off, SkinWhite's Marketing and Brand Activation Group prepared goodie bags for all the girls to take home. 

I remember when I was still in school, there were different outreach programs we can join in order to help the community. I’ve joined several but one that struck me the most was our outreach work wherein we brought in a manicurist to help demonstrate and teach the moms and women of the village how to do basic nail cleaning and polish. We brought supplies to give to them and everyone tried their hands on the process. It felt amazing knowing that we are not just giving these women supplies, but knowledge and livelihood.

I admit that other than those outreach projects and programs in school, I haven’t been heavily involved with charity work. So let me share with you my personal feelings and thoughts on giving back. We are often told to give back to others, strangers and help out those in need. That’s all good, don’t get me wrong. But I personally feel more strongly about giving back to our loved ones.

One of my main goals in life, ever since I could remember was to make my family proud. I have always known that there is a chance that I may not be able to give them the best of everything and I may not be able to support them financially, but that never hindered me from wanting to make them proud of who I am and who I’ve become. Just thinking about what my parents have sacrificed and have done for us makes me quite emotional. There were struggles, problems and arguments along the way but it’s so uplifting to know that they have taken care of us and that we are who we are because of how they nurtured us. 

I knew that in order to give back and somehow let my family know how much they mean to me, I have think of them in every decision I make in my life. From my first job to all of my endeavors, to how I am as a mother, one of my goals is to make them proud. For them to see that I am succeeding in everything that I do and to know that all of their hard work made me who I am today. This is what I do to show they how much I appreciate them and how much I love them and in the process give back the love and support they have given me.

Having this mindset always puts me at ease in everything that I do. When I feel stressed, frustrated or even sad, knowing that my family is proud of me always brightens up even my darkest day.

Of course, giving a little TLC to our skin never hurts! Knowing that I take care of myself makes me feel more confident in whatever I’m doing. I know that I'm not just making my heart full, but also giving myself the much needed love and care I deserve.

One of SkinWhite products that makes me feel more beautiful like I can take on anything is SkinWhite Power Whitening Lotion as it instantly whitens the skin. Believe me, as much as I love my family, they’re alaskador! I remember they used to tease me because I was soooo dark when I was a kid as I loved playing outdoors. But knowing that SkinWhite Power Whitening Lotion has already has SPF to help battle UV rays and darkening, I know that I am protected.

 top- with lotion
bottom- bare

And I’m sure you already know how much I love SkinWhite Power Whitening Facial Cleanser that also contains micro-exfoliating technology and Witch Hazel Extract to help banish acne and helps prevent dryness with its Vitanourish Formula. I love how it cleans my face thoroughly and removes all the dirt that my facial wash may have left behind. Knowing that I’ve cleaned my face with the SkinWhite Power Whitening Facial Cleanser, I’m assured that I will be blemish free! Thus, making me feel more confident in facing everyday’s challenges.

How about you? Share with me something that gives you a #betterheart.

Watch SkinWhite's newest commercial:

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The second installment for my Product Empties! Who would have thought I'd be able to do another, I didn't. Haha! In this video, it's mostly skin care products. These are products that my husband and I have been using for months. See what I have to say about them and which ones I will repurchase and not.

Here's the list of products mentioned and links to my full reviews:

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I usually receive questions from my friends and readers whether they'll still be able to grab samples from Sample Room. Well, the answer is yes! Sample Room restocks so always keep a look out in case you missed the previous run.

C-Lium Fibre
OraCare Mouthrinse

OraCare Mouthrinse Merrymint
80ml/ P57.20
250ml/ P156.20

This is probably my favorite out of the bunch. I was lucky enough to get samples from the first run of OraCare and I fell in love. I actually purchased a couple other bottles after finishing the first one. I really like that there's no stinging sensation whatsoever. I have pretty sensitive teeth and there are times mouthwashes just irritate me because of how strong they taste. OraCare has no alcohol so there's no bitter taste as well. It keeps my breath smelling clean and my mouth feeling fresh longer than any other mouthwash I've tried!

OraCare, even though it's very mild is still tough at fighting and eliminating bacteria. It contains stabilized chlorine dioxide technology that works two ways:
  1. Gets rid of bad bacteria causing plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay
  2. Neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds or also called as the waste material of the bacteria – the true sources of strong mouth odors.

C-Lium Fibre Food Supplement (Husk)
7 day pack- PHP 88.50
30s- PHP 375.00
Husk Jar 200g- PHP 624.25
100s- PHP 1,250.00

If you're wondering what C-lium is; it's made of 100% natural psyllium plant which is a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber. I remember getting this years and years ago because I heard it's a good source of fiber if you're not able to digest enough fiber. I personally battle with doing #2 at times as I don't really eat vegetables regularly. (Yes I know it's bad.) I didn't know how bad it was not to go to the toilet everyday until my husband explained it to me and told me that it's a must to go at least once a day. Anyways, I tried taking C-lium and I don't know if it's because of it or because I changed some of the food that I take. I would now eat oatmeal for additional fiber, I found myself becoming more "regular". I took it in the morning with my breakfast. The only thing that I don't like about this product though is the texture. The husk texture isn't something that I'm fond of. I don't like putting it in water because it makes my water look and feel like jello so I usually take it with juice. But I found that there's one in capsule form. I think that's actually a better fit for me because I just hate the texture of the husk.

Psyllium Fiber is known for many health benefits such as:
  1. lowering of cholesterol
  2. managing of blood sugar\
  3. removing excess fat

1 box= 7s/ P90.20
1 box= 15s/ P180.00

CalChews is the first calcium supplement in the market in soft chew form that offers an easy and delicious way of getting one's recommended daily dose of calcium. It's the only calcium brand that is enriched not only with Vitamin D3 but also with Vitamin K – vitamins essential for optimum bone health.

Calcium is one of the most important minerals that our body needs. It is essential to maintain strong bones and healthy lifestyles.  It has also been found to contribute to weight management, strong teeth, and helps with PMS and mood swings.

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K both provide the perfect combination for a more superior Calcium Supplement. Vitamin D3 is essential for proper calcium absorption that helps prevent bone diseases such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

Vitamin K ensures that the full benefit of calcium is directed to where our body needs it most – our bones. Vitamin K is the vitamin that binds Calcium to our bones.

CalChews soft chew form makes it easier and more convenient to take. It comes in Rich Chocolate and Creamy Caramel Flavors making sure that you always get your daily calcium requirement in a delicious way!

I found CalChews to be fun to take! It's just like eating a candy! It's soft, reminds me of those caramel candies. It doesn't feel like I'm taking vitamins and even my daughter likes it! This is also a good way to make sure that yo're getting enough calcium and vitamin D3 and K that our body needs. I remember when I first gave birth, people will always remind me to take calcium supplements because I was breastfeeding. Thus, CalChews came in perfectly. It was handy and very easy to take!

So those are my new SampleRoom goodies. As they say, it's never too late to get healthy! Don't forget to sign up to SampleRoom to get these samples for free. You only pay for the shipping!

Sample Room
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Building, designing and decorating a new home is no joke. When we decided to build our own home, we knew it was going to be tough. We had no idea where to start. H and I discussed that he'll be in charge of the foundation, while I will take over the decoration. Now to tell you honestly, I didn't know what to expect either. I am no interior designer and I don't know what works with what. I just know what I need and what's most important and I knew that everything will fall into place in the end.

One of our most expensive investment would have to be our bed. We bought it way before moving to our new house and when we moved to our previous place, we couldn't fit our bed and had to  wait until this house was finished so we can finally enjoy it. We had no qualms whatsoever in buying a good bed. Why, you ask? We spend most of our time in our bedroom and most likely laying on our bed. (Think about it.) I personally need 8-9 hours of sleep for me to be enegrized. Plus, yout bed is your sanctuary. At the end of the day, you just want to relax and unwind on the comfort of your bed.

So I was looking forward to visiting the Ital Design Showroom at MC Home Depot, BGC to check out Dunlopillo.

When it comes to matters of the home, even the smallest details count for a great deal. Dunlopillo, a certified name in quality sleep, has partnered with Ital Design, an authority in home décor, to create a one-of-a-kind showroom. 

An expert on luxury in the home, Dunlopillo is the perfect partner for Ital Design, whose elegant yet uniquely designed bedroom vignettes provide an inspiring display of mattresses and furniture pieces for a variety of customers. Since 2003, Ital Design has been carrying exclusive European and Asian designed furniture and fixtures, ranging from mid-range to high-end offerings in designs that settle for no less than first-class quality and apparent individuality. 

Known for its thoughtfully engineered mattresses, Dunlopillo has created for itself a legacy of comfort through the years. The latex boasts of being the best in the world, providing unparalleled support and high elasticity. Its mattresses allow for exceptional air ventilation and breathability for ideal temperature control. To prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, the mattresses incorporate the use of silver, which is proven to possess antibacterial properties.  For minimal partner disturbance, its springs are designed to ensure uninterrupted slumber. Carefully crafted to ensure a restful night, Dunlopillo puts a premium on comfort and sleep.

Hilary Isaac hosted the event and shared with us the difference of Dunlopillo and why it's definitely something to consider when buying your very own mattress.

When it comes to delivering the perfect sleep experience, the details count for a great deal. In 1929, Mr. E.A. Murphy of Dunlop created a new brand of latex foam. This science became the bedrock of a brand committed to providing a wide range of benefits, positioning Dunlopillo’s latex as possibly the best in the world.

DunlopilloTalalay Latex

Dunlopillo’s original, Talalay-processed latex is sourced naturally and developed exclusively by the brand. The unique method results in a unique “round cell structure” providingunparalleled support and high elasticity. It also allows exceptional air ventilation and breathability for ideal temperature control.

DunlopilloTala Silver

Silver has long been proven to possess antibacterial properties. Harnessing Nano Silver Technology, Dunlopillo infuses minute silver particles within their mattresses. This Tala Silver Latex kills and prevents the growth and spread of bacteria, dust mites, and other harmful organisms. 

Individual Pocketed Springs (IPS)

Honeycomb Individual Pocketed Springs (IPS) are designed to offer minimal partner disturbance from unintentional movement. Tightly packed coils offer firmer support without sacrificing on quality of comfort.

Parallel Individual Pocketed Springs (IPS) is also constructed to minimize disturbance and is perfect for those looking for plush comfort. The spring system follows the body’s contours while still providing an abundant amount of support.

5-Zone Pocketed Spring System

Each spring arrangement is based on the body’s five zones: head, shoulders, waist, hips, and thighs. Varying degrees of support for each zone eases pressure points, ensuring that the body is balanced even during sleep. Pocketed coils also move individually to disperse movement for a night of complete, undisturbed rest. 

Outlast ®

The unique temperature-control properties of each Dunlopillo mattress incorporate technology originally developed by NASA. Thermocules™ accumulate and release heat as needed, producing the required temperature control, balancing the body’s changing requirements.

Cat Arambulo was also in attendance and she shared her tips and tricks on how to create a comfortable yet beautiful looking bedroom. She says never to be afraid to experiment with colors and if you are not alone in your room, try to compromise and balance the elements of the room to compliment both your and your partner's tastes.

Ital Design’s Managing Director, Jam Chan, is enthusiastic about their newly renovated showroom at MC Home Depot in Bonifacio Global City. “Instead of doing a cluttered display of mattresses, we decided to play with the store and make it more visually appealing to our clients.” 

Ten decorated vignettes of different themes are on display to encourage customers to imagine the possibilities the mattresses and furniture hold. Each vignette has its own style, function, and personality. Chan emphasizes, “We want our customers to feel that their bedroom is a truly personalized space.” The showroom is designed to equip customers to build the bedrooms of their dreams. 

Ten uniquely decorated vignettes in styles appealing to every type of customer feature the Dunlopillo mattresses, which are highlighted in every display. We were able to go around the different spaces and see how they styled each space to cater to different individuals.

What can customers expect from visiting the new showroom? An introductory discount for Dunlopillo’s new model mattress Elena, which will be sold at the special price of 50% off. All-time favorite mattresses Romero Premium and Firmest Luxe will also be included at reduced prices. 

Here are some of Dunlopillo's famous mattresses:

With premium goods at reasonable prices, those who are looking to decorate and furnish their homes certainly have every reason to visit the new Ital Design showroom.

Ital Design Showroom
MC Home Depot, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Instagram: @italdesignph

Dunlopillo is available at:
> Libis Showroom: #16 Acropolis Commercial Area, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, Quezon City
Phone: 911-1672, Fax: 913-1072
> Edsa-Cubao Showroom: 913-1975, Fax: 913-1072
> MC Home Depot Fort 815-6217, Fax: 815-6218
> Ayala Center Cebu: 032-3451378, Fax: 032-3454051
> MC Home Depot in Pasig
> Abreeza Mall Davao

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It's time for the pastels to rebel with Maybelline Color Sensational. I still remember when vampy colors were so hot and so IN. You'll see them everywhere, from the runways to TV and obviously, in the streets too. But finally it's time to give the spotlight to pastels!

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet by Color Sensational is the perfect juxtaposition of downright fierce and irresistibly flirtatious.

From catwalk to sidewalk, Maybelline New York in the Philippines has always been about bringing the New York fearless trend forecasts closer to every Filipina, especially when it comes to makeup looks that make a statement,” shared Maia Ang, Product Manager of Maybelline New York. “Lips blossom with attitude as pastels from our Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet go bold and rebellious with the new Color Bloom Technology for super-saturated pigments that give these fresh-picked pastels a bright kick.” 

The line consists of 11 beautiful pastel shades.It's a great mix of pinks, reds and mauves. And guess what, it's infused with Color Bloom Technology to ensure that the lips are never dull, washed out and shy. Also charged with honey nectar, the lipsticks leave a rich sumptuous feel on the lips.

I received 11 lipsticks but got 2 pcs of REB03. So here I will be swatching the 10 shades I received.

What I LIKE:
  • lipstick's very creamy and jelly formula
  • easy to apply, glides smoothly
  • good color payoff
  • very buildable (Some look light on first swipe, so just build with a few more layers for a bright finish)
  • very moisturizing, no need for lipbalm before and gloss after
  • affordable at only P299 per tube
  • not long wearing and transfer proof. Retouching is necessary especially after eating or drinking.
  • some shades tend to bleed especially the brighter colors

Here are the shades:

And here they are side by side on my arm:

Overall I do like these lipsticks. I've always been a fan of Color Sensational. I love how moisturizing they are on the lips. These days, my lips have just been so chapped because of the crazy weather and when I use these lippies, I feel like I'm treating my lips while swiping some color. It's just that these are not long lasting, so make sure to bring your tube in your retouch bag when you go out. :)
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