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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil

Blogging about this baby while taking care of  my real baby. She's still currently recovering so I'm still looking after her with eyes wide open. But I wanted to use my time wisely so I'm going to share a great affordable find to removing makeup.

I have been a cleansing oil user for the longest time. I have seen the power of cleansing oils in removing even the most waterproof and bullet proof makeup.

I was given the new and improved Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil. I have already used the older version few years ago and honestly, didn't think it was THAT good. That's why I never really blogged about it. I just felt like it wasn't anything special. So I was happy to find out that they have an improved version now.

Cleansing oils are better at removing oil-based makeup and cleaning out sebum from your pores. That's simply a fact. They can cleanse deeper, without damaging the skin barrier. It will get in there and blend with the oil-based makeup and excess sebum in your pores. 

Use some water to emulsify the cleansing oil – it will turn into a white liquid.  Then rinse off!  All of the makeup, dirt, and impurities on your skin will be instantly washed away, leaving you with clean, soft, and moisture-balanced skin.

Céleteque Cleansing Oil has great ingredients for the skin, like vitamin E and Phytosqualane, so that you don’t just get clean skin, you get better skin too.  It has actually been clinically tested to lessen fine lines by 77% in just 4 weeks!

Since I had low expectations, I was surprised to discover that this new version is REALLY GOOD. The packaging's different from the old one although I would have preferred a flip cap just because it's easier to open and close with oily hands. But that's the least of my concern. The quality is just so much better. It can compete with the really expensive, high end cleansing oils.

Here's how it worked on my waterproof eye makeup:

You can also see that it was able to remove my face makeup really well too. ;)

What I LIKE:
  • removes all traces of makeup
  • not greasy even though it's a cleansing oil
  • non drying
  • no stinging feeling
  • moisturizes the face well
  • only P249.00
  • widely available in the market
  • only comes in a 50ml bottle
  • bottle cover is twist type, I prefer a flip cover.

I completely fell in love with this and actually look forward to massaging it onto my face as I remove my makeup. It just leaves my face feeling soft afterwards and the best part is there's no greasy feeling. Obviously, since it's a cleansing oil, there'll be some sort of oiliness to it but it gets removed right away with toner. I don't feel the need to use a facial cleanser on top of the cleansing oil as it removes every inch of dirt on my face. I'm so happy that they came up with an improved one because this has become my bestfriend when it comes to removing tough waterproof mascaras! Do I still have to say it? Sige na nga. :p I highly recommend this product to everyone who puts on makeup.


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow Review

I'm a big believer that eyebrows frame the face. It just brings the whole look together. I would usually go out without any eye makeup on, just filled and shaped brows. Try this, fill in and draw one of your brows- just one brow and then look in the mirror. You'll see that the side with filled brow looks more lifted and more complete. I've done this so many times before and it baffles me everytime.

 Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow 01

I was given the Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow during their press launch and I was quite excited to try it out. I remember Liz telling us that it's a great product and that she swears by it. Liz gave me #01 Dark Brown since my hair is naturally dark brown-black.

Here's my first swatch. Loved the color right away! It's not reddish, some of the eyebrow products that I see are usually reddish brown and that just doesn't look as nice for natural "virgin" hair like mine. I have always preferred greyish brown shades.

So here's how it looks on me, without any brow wax or gels.

What I LIKE:
  • easy to use
  • no need to sharpen
  • stiff, so it doesn't break easily
  • still blendable. As I mentioned, it's stiff. But I was surprised that I can still blend the product with my eyebrow brush (which is how I usually like to distribute the color evenly)
  • love the color!
  • sweat and oil proof! I don't have to worry about it moving or disappearing
  • only P345!
  • If you're used to creamy eyebrow pencils, this will take a little bit of getting used to because of its stiff end.
  • It's very fine (1.5mm) so it takes longer to fill your brows.

I have been reaching for this almost every single time I put on makeup.It's just so easy to use. The only thing is that it's pretty slim so it usually takes me longer to finish my eyebrow makeup. But I love the color, the color payoff and that it withstands my sweat and oiliness! Also, I don't really have to put on any brow gel when I use this anymore.

Remember my fresh faced post? This definitely makes me look so fresh and just completes my look! :) If you want to purchase, it's already available at Watsons! And do check out their other amazing products as well! :)

Heroine Make
Instagram: heroinemakeph

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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Be Back Soon!

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, I haven't been able to blog recently. I was sick a couple of weeks back and when I got better, Robyn got sick. What a life! I'm now taking care of her full time. I ask for your understanding. I hope to be back next week! Please help me pray for her fast recovery. Thank  you.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Himalaya Herbals

You know what I love most about being a Sample Room blogger? Getting to try new brands that I personally wouldn't have discovered and bought. One of the brands that I learned about was Himalaya Herbals. I didn't know about this brand before and am thankful that Sample Room introduced it to me and made it possible for me to try out their products.

Himalaya Herbals, founded in 1930, is a recognized global pioneer and leader in the use of modern science in the development of herbal products. Himalaya Herbals have a range of ‘head to heel’ herbal healthcare and personal care products. The range comprises of over 300 products in Personal Care and Pharmaceutical category which contains 100% Herbal Actives. The legacy of researching nature forms the foundation of Himalaya Herbals operations.  Himalaya Herbals utilizes modern research and development practices to rediscover and validate Ayurveda’s secrets. Cutting-edge technology is employed to create pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products. It is these stringent quality standards that have led Himalaya Herbals products to be endorsed by over 300,000 doctors and accepted by consumers in over 80 countries who rely on Himalaya for their health and personal care needs.  Every quarter of a second, a Himalaya product is bought by someone somewhere in the world. The company vision is to bring wellness in every home through herbal healthcare. At the heart of the Himalaya Herbals vision is the belief that good health should be accessible to everyone, and we strive to make this possible through our commitment to science-driven herbal healthcare.

Here are some of their products:

 Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste
40g = P39.00
100g = P79.00

Its Gum Expert Formula, with herbal actives of Miswak, Neem and Pomegranate, helps prevent gum inflammation, reduces gum bleeding, fight germs and give your teeth all-day protection. Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste not only protects from germs ,but also has antioxidants that help remove the toxins left behind, helping your gums maintain their natural health.

Herbal Actives/ Ingredients: 
  1. Miswak- inhibits the build-up of dental plaque. Its astringent property protects and strengthens gums.
  1. Pomegranate fruit rind- has astringent, antibacterial and antioxidant properties which help gums maintain their natural health.
  1. Neem bark- has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that prevent gum inflammation and reduce gum bleeding.
Key Ingredients
Benefit/ Action
Sensitive Toothpaste
Miswak, Spinach, Almond shell extract, Menthol
Relief from sensitive teeth with herbs

Sparkling White Toothpaste
Miswak, Papaya, Pineapple, Clove
Whiter teeth without chemical bleach

Active Fresh Toothpaste
Menthol, Miswak, Clove
Freshness guaranteed

 Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash
Enriched with a natural blend of Saffron and Licorice
50ml = P79.00
100ml = P129.00

This unique herbal formulation effectively enhances skin complexion, giving you naturally white and radiant skin. It essentially removes dark spots, cleanses and clarifies impurities, revealing a clear, glowing and healthy skin.

Herbal Actives/ Ingredients:
  1. Saffron imparts a rich color and is used in various skin care preparations. It effectively moisturizes, soothes and promotes skin fairness. The crocin and crocetin present in Saffron promote a healthy complexion and whiten skin. It is very effective in the treatment of acne, pimples, blemishes and black spots.
  2. Licorice contains glycyrrhetic acid and flavonoids that have soothing, regenerative and antioxidant properties.  Applied topically, Licorice helps reduce sebum, relieve itching, swelling and redness. It improves skin tone and whitens skin.
  3. White Dammer is a rich source of flavonoids and phenols which exhibit potent antioxidant activity. It soothes and moisturizes damaged skin, and enhances and whitens the complexion. 

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash
50ml = P74.00
100ml = P124.00

A soap-free, daily use exfoliating face wash that effectively cleanses your skin. Apricot granules gently scrub off dead skin cells, help stimulate fresh cell growth and prevent formation of blackheads. Neem and Lemon deep cleanse and remove excess oil while Aloe Vera soothes your skin and maintains its natural moisture balance, leaving your skin fresh, rejuvenated and glowing, day after day.

Herbal Actives/ Ingredients:
  1. Apricot Seed Powder- micro granules exfoliates gently to remove blackheads, Brings natural glow to skin and is an outstanding soother and hydrator
  2. Aloe Vera Leaf ExtractHydrates, softens and moisturizes skin, a natural UV inhibitor and exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action. 

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash
15ml = P25
50ml = P79
100ml = P129

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash is loaded with the natural goodness of neem, a time-tested natural ingredient revered for its antibacterial property, which keeps Pimples at bay! It is also enriched with Turmeric, an antiseptic agent that soothes skin, leaving it healthy, clean and radiant!

Main ingredient:
Neem- ‘One tree skin care pharmacy’
  1. Neem improves general skin health by fighting bacteria at the root and preventing the recurrence of acne 
  2. Neem has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help in soothing acne prone skin
  3. Neem purifies & provides clear glowing skin

It is also available in foaming format called as Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash in an attractive pump packaging. 
 Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream
50ml = P99
150ml = P199

A light and non-greasy daily use cream for all day moisturizing. A rare and exotic blend of Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry extracts, it protects your skin from pollution and dryness. While Aloe Vera’s hydrating and softening properties moisturise and nourish the skin by preventing trans-epidermal water loss, Winter Cherry’s antioxidant properties help protect and regenerate skin cells making it look young. So wherever you are and whatever you do, keep your skin moisturized, nourished and protected all day long!

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream is the No. 1 Moisturising Skin Cream in Singapore and most suitable for South East Asian Skin. 

Herbal Actives/ Ingredients:
  1. Aloe Vera exhibits antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Its hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties nourish the skin.
  2. Winter Cherry has antioxidant properties, which helps in skin cell regeneration.

Available at: Watsons, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SaveMore, Mercury Drugstores, Metro, Robinsons Departmental Stores, and select stores in Central, North and South Luzon.
Instragram: HimalayaHerbalsPH

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Get Ready With Me: Red for the Day!

Hello hello! How I've missed doing videos, I know it's been awhile. But I am buying a new camera so I'm looking forward to making more videos and better videos too! I also got sick last week. It was quite bad so I'm glad I'm better now, much much better. Just in time for our 5th wedding anniversary! Yey! Anyways, here's a look that I filmed last week before getting sick. Hope you like it! :D

Products Used:

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation W3
Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral Powder BO1
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Maybelline Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Brown
Revlon Lipbutter in Cherry Tart
Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Hot Passion

Here are more photos:

I decided on a neutral and very light daytime appropriate eye makeup since I knew I was going to wear red lips for the day. And since I wanted to emphasize and give focus to my lips, I kept my eye makeup muted.

I wore my hair down and to give my hair extra shine and to keep it soft and tangle free, I used Vitress Solenn Cuticle Coat. :)

If you like videos like this, do let me know. :D And if you try out this look, don't forget to tag me so I can see it too. :)
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sample Room's New Membership Program + Mystery Treats!

I am so happy to share with you this amazing offer by Sample Room. If you didn't know Sample Room, where have you been? Haha! Kidding aside, Sample Room, the Philippines' first beauty and lifestyle sampling website, has been giving Filipinos the ultimate value for money, with their "try before you buy" concept. By being a member of Sample Room, you get to grab the latest beauty and lifestyle samples that you can also place a review of after trying them.

As Sample Room is turning two years old soon, things just keep getting better with new offerings and treats for Sample Room members.

This October, Sample Room launches a new-and-improved VIP membership system. Previously, Sample Room's VIP membership gives you 1,000 free points that can be used for two months to avail of premium samples, for just 699php.

This October, Sample Room ups the amp to give its VIP members an absolute treat! VIP membership will now let you have 1,000 points usable for two months for only 799.00php. With VIP membership, you are able to get exclusive, limited samples that are premium and are priced higher. It actually gives you more freedom to choose which samples you'd like to try. But wait, there's more! They also get a FREE mystery gift every single time they sign up and renew for VIP membership. 

Be surprised and delighted with their carefully curated package just because they want to give you the best sampling experience!

That's an amazing deal! And I highly suggest you go and grab this opportunity! I love Sample Room and the team truly works hard to choose the best of the best brands to carry for their customers.

If you haven't signed up yet, well what are you waiting for? Sign up now and use my name/email address as referral. ( :) Happy Sampling!

Instagram: sampleroomph

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nordstrom Discount Codes!

In this day and age, shopping online has become a life saver for a lot of people. I should know, because I am one of them. As a first time mom, my life has completely changed and now revolves around my daughter. The days when I can leisurely stroll the mall and slowly browse all the racks of my favourite brands in search of finding the best deals and discounts are over. The internet has become my best friend and my shopping buddy.

I love shopping online because it gives me so much choices in the comfort of my own home. I no longer need to wait in line to buy my chosen pieces of clothing; instead, just click a button and voila, sold!

One retail store in the U.S. comes to mind when it comes to quality items who started as a shoe shop and is now one of the leading fashion retailers; Nordstrom Inc. Did you know that Nordtsrom has its own online store aka e-commerce site called and for our friends from Canada and Australia, there’s which operates in partnership with HauteLook and gives customers access to off-price fashion at considerable savings. They also have a personalized styling service via the site, called Trunk Club.

I have browsed and I tell you, I can spend hours just looking at the beautiful stuff.

Here are a couple things that I love:

This looks so sophisticated and it’s pretty roomy too. I usually bring so so much that I can never bring a small bag. I can imagine myself using this! In fact, I want this right this very second! Hahaha!

Urban Decay has always been one of my favourite makeup brands because they offer really amazing products. I have the Naked eyeshadow palette and it’s one of my to go to palettes because the shadows are so pigmented and buttery. And this Vice 3 palette just calls my name. I love the color combination and I think it will go well with just about any season.

Billabong 'Golden Party' Sleeveless Tulle Dress

Of course I must not forget about my daughter. This is one of my top picks for her because it’s so darn cute! It’s sleeveless so it’s perfect for the Philippine weather and the detail on the dress and the accent lets her wear this from day to night.

Those are some of my top picks from the site. But wait there’s more! I have amazing news to my friends and readers who love Nordstrom and discount coupons! I wanted to share with you Nordstrom coupon codes that you can use to shop!

What’s even better than online shopping? Great deals and coupons! I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love a good bargain. I always find myself gravitating to discount racks because let’s face it, shopping is fun but hunting for cheap finds is even more exciting!

So if you want discount codes, click here and enjoy shopping! Advance Happy Holidays! :D

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Nuffnang.  All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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FOTD: Freshness Friday

I posted a photo in my Instagram about this look. This is usually how I do my makeup when I go out with the family. It's my no fuss go to look because it takes only a few minutes and it's all about looking fresh and clean. Sometimes when I wear eye makeup, Robyn keeps touching my eyes too; hence I would usually just focus on face makeup.

Products Used:
Vitress Solenn Heussaff Cuticle Coat

Make Up Forever Primer
Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral Powder
K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer #3
KPalette 1 Day Magic 3D Palette


And look who wanted to be in the photos too! My darling daughter, Robyn! :)

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

FYI Channel

On October 6, BIO™ Channel will rebrand to FYI™, a contemporary lifestyle network reflecting how people live their lives today, across Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. The announcement was made today by Alan Hodges, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, A+E Networks.

BIO was also rebranded to FYI in the US on July 8th. 

For your inspiration, for your imagination or for your innovation, FYI will be a personalized experience for each viewer.  The network embraces the way audiencesreally live their lives – proudly-hyphenated and not constrained by one passion or interest. Never an instruction manual and always an inspiration engine, FYI offers viewers a more adventurous, personalizedand non-prescriptive approach to programming with a range of stories that reflect how people actually live their lives today, not defined by just one passion or interest.  

 “FYI’s mission is to inspire personal creativity that emphasizes improvised living, while reflecting our authentic slate of programming,” says Michele Schofield,Senior VP, Programming & Marketing at A+E Networks Asia.  “And with its rich mix of inspirational content, the new channel’s Asian premiere is sure to bring its viewers a season of quality entertainment.”

Here are some of the new shows of FYI:

OCT 7, Tuesdays 8pm (SIN/HK)

The Coolest Places on Earth peels away the layers of history and takes viewers on a journey of discovery to the most astonishing places on the planet: from the most supercharged modern metropolis, to the ruins of ancient ones, and from jaw-dropping works of nature, to the most amazing creations of humankind. 

OCT 6, Mondays 8pm (SIN/HK)

Rowhouse Showdown featuring renovation expert, Carter Oosterhouse as he leads three teams who battle it out to transform dilapidated homes. The team that increases the appeal of their home the most, wins the grand prize of $50,000.

OCT 9, Thursdays 8.30pm (SIN/HK)

Destination Flavour: Down Under: Host Adam Liawcontinues to unearth hidden flavours, this time those nestled in the Australian and New Zealand landscapes. 

OCT 10, Fridays 8pm (SIN/HK)

Springing from their shop B.O.R.N.(Borrowed, Old, Recycled, New) in Harlem, our style super heroes land at the door of those desperately in need of some color in their lives. By rifling through their clothes and asking some blunt questions we get to the root of their fashion malaise, before whisking them away for a shopping trip around New York. 

OCT 7, Tuesdays 9pm (SIN/HK)

When you’re Australia’s most popular vet and the star of a television series seen around the world…..what do you do next? Well if you’re the charismatic, hard working Dr Chris Brown its time to shut the surgery and start exploring some of the world’s most beautiful and sometimes bizarre places, people and animals.  

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All Things Hair

I'm a Youtuber. I make videos (even though I haven't made one in awhile.) to hopefully help others and share my knowledge to others who want it. I am a big believer of observation and constant education and through videos, you get to learn more tips, tricks and sometimes even life lessons. So when I found about All Things Hair from fellow blogger Angela, I was excited!

Last September 18, All Things Hair officially launched in the Philippines, the first in Asia.

All Things Hair constantly looks at top hair-related Google searches online and responds by creating video tutorials that suit Filipinos and their hair needs. Just launched in the UK and in Canada, ATH collaborated with the top Filipino vloggers to provide unique and personalized hair advice for modern day Filipinos.

 Apples AberinUnilver PR Head 
All Things Hair Contributing editor, AgooBengzon

As much as we Filipinos turn to international video bloggers for advice, with our weather, our products, our hair type and other factors affecting our hair, solutions from other countries aren’t as tailor fit for us. Hair requires a lot of personal care,” said ATH contributing editor and beauty expert, Agoo Bengzon. 

Apples Aberin, PR Head for Unilever brands said, “At Unilever we are always looking for ways to reach out to our consumers and come up with solutions for their every problem. We feel that this new video platform is a really great way to do it.

 Thomas Poulain of Google Philippines

Everyday thousands of Filipinos search for hair tips, tutorials, styles and inspiration. What better way to address them than to collaborate with the world’s top vloggers and hair brands to form an online destination for hair solutions and inspirations,” said Thomas Poulain of Google Philippines.

Dedicated to addressing hair solutions, ATH is a collaboration between Google, the world’s biggest search engine, global hair brands, Dove, TRESemme, Toni & Guy, Cream Silk, Sunsilk and Clear, and the Philippines’ top vloggers: Angela Nepomuceno, Kelly Misa, LaureenUy, Nicole Andersson, and James and Phil Younghusband

Thank you Unilever for the easy to follow hairstyles and useful hair tips perfect for Filipinos!

All Things Hair:

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New Schedule of P600 LuLu Makeup Workshop

Hi girls! Due to the typhoon last Sept 20, we decided to postpone the workshop for everyone's safety. The new schedule will now be on October 11, 2014 (Saturday) from 3:30-6:00pm. Thank you! 

This also means that there's still time to join for those who haven't reserved their slots! 

Topics to be tackled:
Proper skin care
Skin types discussion
Finding the correct foundation shade
Daytime/natural look
Evening/smokey look
False lashes application

Ms. Donnarence Masilungan, professional makeup artist and beauty blogger will be the instructor for the day assisted by yours truly. Hope to see you! :)

LuLu Makeup
Instagram: shopsuiboutique

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

BaByliss Miracurl and Hair Competition

Since I already talked about a hair product in my previous post, here's another exciting and innovative tool for women who enjoy curling their hair.

BaByliss PRO's new ground-breaking product is MiraCurl. It's ideal for mid-length to long hair. It creates beautiful, long-lasting curls, quickly and effortlessly.

I went to the launch of this product and was able to try out the MiraCurl myself!

How perfect are these curls!

It's actually easy to use. They also say that it's safe because of the unique ceramic curl chamber so you won't accidentally burn yourself. There is also a beep indicator that tells you when your curl is ready. :)

Here is how mine turned out using the defined curl setting:

My date for the day, Gem's turn:

Key features of the MiraCurl:

  • Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions to effortlessly form the curl
  • 3 heat setting (190, 210 and 230) for long lasting results
  • 3 timer settings, automatic, 8 secs, 10 secs and 12 secs with audio beep indicator for different curl effects
  • 3 curl direction control, right, left or auto for various wave hair styling
  • ideal for use on different length of hair
  • temperatire ready indicator light
  • auto-off
  • salon length swivel cord

3 Beautiful Steps:

  1. Select a section of hair no more than 1.5" wide, hold the curl close to the top of the section, with the ceramic curl chamber facing towards the head.
  2. Close handles and watch as the hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber.
  3. Hold until 4 beeps signal the curl is ready. Open to release the MiraCurl.

Well did you know that there's also a fake?

Real | Fake

So to show you that buying the authentic one is way way way better than buying the fake:

They do look pretty similar although you can still spot the difference especially by looking at the results.

Fake BaByliss MiraCurl

Look at how limp and messy the hair looks:

Here you can see that the curls are smoother and shinier:

Authentic BaByliss MiraCurl

Bigger, better and simply perfect curls!

What I LIKE:
  • perfect curls everytime
  • consistent quality
  • so easy to use! Even a beginner can use this.
  • shiny looking hair
  • heavy, tiring to use
  • pricey at P9995
  • They say it's fast, but I feel like it's just the same speed as using a curling iron. Takes 5-12 seconds per strand.
  • The chamber can only draw small amount of hair each time.

Overall, I fell in love with this tool. As you know, my problem with my fine hair is that curls don't last a long time. And after trying this, I saw that it actually lasted the whole day! They didn't even use any finishing or hair spray! The only downsi

Here's my blogger friend Gem of RareVanity!

Thanks for the chikas and ride Gem! :D

After the presentation comes the hair competition. Beauty bloggers were asked to judge and pick the winners for the 2014 BaByliss Hair Competition.

I was one of the 10 judges that day and let me tell you, it was a tough job for all of the finalists were so talented!

2014 contestants

The contestants all used BaByliss tools to create amazing looking hairstyles and all of them used the new MiraCurl to achieve beautiful curls!

Here are their muses:

Before they announced the winner, past winners from 2013 showed their talents. I was telling my fellow bloggers how you can see that they're really pros. They weren't nervous, they were calm and just in their zone! I loved watching them do their magic!

I loved the different interpretations they came up with:

Now onto the winners. In my board, I actually had a tie. So it was also very exciting for me to find out who the winners are.
2nd Runner Up: Perla Aquino

1st Runner Up: Nathan Ferolino

Grand Winner: Sean Clores

OMG, I die!

I looooveeee MiraCurl and I'm definitely going to save up for it. I already have a number of hair curlers for clients' use and I have my personal curling iron and hot rollers too but what can a girl do? Haha!

Photo grabbed from Bec

Now for the great news! The MiraCurl is Php9,995, but YellowYum readers and followers get a wonderful discount. You can get an exclusive discount of 20% if you purchase through my blog! Want one for yourself? Simply email me :)

CYA Industries Inc, exclusive distributor of Babyliss
Contact No. 643-3456 local 601-603

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