SM Babies Go Green with Organic Wear

I received an invitation to go to SM Babies' launch of their organic line. I was really looking forward to it as I have a couple of clothes from one of the brands. And if you know me, I'm 100% pro organic! I use organic products on myself so what more for my baby right?

What is organic wear exactly? In a nutshell, they're free of any harmful chemicals or processes. Each article of clothing is composed of 100% organic cotton containing no toxic residue obtained from plant pesticides, herbicides, or processing compounds. The organic line counts as the latest addition to their regular assortment of chic, affordable baby apparel.

The event was held at Aria in BGC. And the food was superb! It was my first time to dine there and I gotta say, the pizza was my favorite! Here are some of the food that were served in the event:

Cute details:

“Organic living has become very popular in other countries for a reason,” says Ms Jo DyJuanco, Vice President for Children’s Fashion Management Corp. “For us, this step is more than just following a trend, it’s keeping with our commitment to provide the best for mothers beginning with their babies.”

Both Amanda Griffin Jacob and Nicole Hernandez Delos Angeles said that when they found out they were pregnant, they started researching things such as the organic route for their babies. I'm happy to learn that both of them are breastfeeding mommies and they're both very much  into  organic living.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is because of all the pollutants out there, it’s in what we eat and what we wear,” says Amanda, a long-term believer in going organic. “I wanted to get back to being as natural as possible.” 

“Pregnancy was just a wake-up call to make a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle because I’m taking care of myself and my baby. I am trying to expand my options and explore an organic lifestyle. It’s good for my son because it’s all natural.”

“Organic clothing is a nice option. I would like to expand my son’s closet with that. It’s better on your skin, better for the person, better for the environment. You buy one thing and it helps so many people.”

“Organic is always best for clothing. It’s important because you don’t want any of these chemicals getting absorbed by your skin,” says Amanda.

The SM Babies organic collection is available under St. Patrick and Tiny Tummies. We have some clothes from Tiny Tummies and they really are uber soft and they're hypoallergenic. So I'm confident and I need not worry about rashes or anything. Plus  I love love the chic designs! 

I guess it goes without saying that all moms including myself want nothing but the best for our babies! So I suggest you check out these organic wear for your little ones! You're also helping the environment one onesie at a time. ;)

Here are some photos of Amanda and Nicole with their super cute sons:

 Here with fellow blogger Ava

 with Ms. Jo Dy Juanco, VP for Children's Fashion of SM

 Did I mention Nicole is my mama peg?

 Sad the photo's blurry :(

Thank you for the Tummy Tub!

Robyn loves it!!! ;)

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