7 Baby Must Haves!

I can hardly believe it, Robyn is almost 5 months! Wow. I can still remember how it felt when I was about to give birth, how tiny she was when we brought her home and promising her that I’ll make her plump. And now, we’ll be celebrating her 5th month this month.

I know how the internet has helped me when I was preparing for her arrival and what things I need to buy for her etc. So here’s my take on baby’s essential things.

1. Mittens and Socks

I remember my cousin in law telling me that babies tend to get cold easily. He told me to expect warm nights as we have to turn the airconditioning unit off or make it hotter to adjust to the baby’s comfortable temperature. Robyn’s feet and hands also become sweaty (cold sweat) which means she’s either really hot or she’s cold. So mittens and socks are truly a must because these help regulate their temperature. Hence, less prone to colds and other sickness.

2. Wash/Burp Cloths

Whether your baby is breastfed, cup fed or bottle fed, it’s no question that he/she will have a sticky mouth area because of the milk. Wiping it is obvious. Robyn has quite sensitive skin and when her saliva isn’t wiped right away, she gets rashes. Some babies spit up while burping so better to protect your shirt with a burp cloth.

3. Aceite Manzanilla (Chamomile Oil)

One of the most hateful problems a new mom encounters is colic. We’ve experienced it and I felt so helpless I actually teared up while my daughter’s crying. I just knew I couldn’t do a whole lot to comfort her. One of the most effective ways is to use Manzanilla oil. For us, it took 20-30 minutes for it to take effect and for Robyn to finally be able to sleep. You simply put a small amount on the tummy and the back and massage it carefully. I always bring a small bottle with me just in case.

4. Water Dipper/Tabo

I bathe my baby either by myself or with the help of my husband since we don’t have any helper at home and it’s very hard and scary (at least for me) to use a shower head to bathe and rinse my baby. I just feel like it’s more difficult to control the water and its pressure. So I have a separate tabo for my baby. I actually have 2. I have 1 regular sized one and the other is a smaller one for her face.

5. Nasal Aspirator

This one, surprisingly, was my hubby’s idea. He said that it was very necessary so we purchased a nasal aspirator even before I gave birth. He used to breed dogs and would be the one to assist in giving birth so he somehow knew what we needed. True enough, this was really handy. It helps remove blockage in my baby’s nose and let her breathe easily.

6.  Cotton Buds/ Q-Tip

We use 2 sizes. The small size for her tiny nose to remove any “web” as I call it. Haha! And the regular size for cleaning the outside of her ears. I have it at home and I bring some in our diaper bag so I’m always prepared.

7. Baby’s Sleeping Bag/ Sleep Sack

(Photo from http://hangil3691.en.ec21.com/baby_sleeping_bag–693654.html)

Robyn wants her arms free and doesn’t really like being swaddled. She would kick and flap her arms and cry when we swaddle her. Blankets don’t work as she kicks them off. So every night we use a sleeping bag to keep her warm. This way, she can still move her arms but she’s still safely tucked. 🙂 Best invention ever!

So those are my 7  baby must haves! These things are definitely necessary for newborns and until now, I still use all of them on my 4 month old! 🙂 Do share what your baby must haves are. I’m sure a lot of new moms and expectant moms are dying to find out! 😀

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