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It's a Saturday and the family stayed home. Well supposedly so I can actually work. I have so much backlogs in my posts and videos but the little one keeps crying when I leave her with her father. I try to leave them be because I feel like they do need to bond. However, she just gets irritated and my husband frustrated so I have to interfere once in awhile. Haay the real face of parenthood.

Anyways, while she's quiet now, let me talk about one of the baby products that I've been using whenever she won't let me put her down. This has been very helpful as I can carry her along hands free. It's my Next 9 Baby Sling. I got this as a gift, but I specifically asked this because with all the baby carriers out there, I just thought that maybe this is the easiest given that I'm a newbie.

Why "wear" your baby?

Here are 5 different ways to carry your baby. I personally have only tried tummy to tummy.

I knew I wanted to wear my baby because of the benefits. It also maximizes bonding time with her while I'm wearing her. Best of all, I can do some chores while holding her close to me which is very important since we don't have any helper.

The design that I got is called Circus. I'm not sure if this is still available because my friend actually had a hard time finding this design as Next 9 now has a lot of newer designs. But I chose this because I thought it's more unisex, so my hubby will still be comfortable wearing this.

I had a hard time using it at first and it took me lots and lots of practice before getting it. I also asked help from Jen of Next 9 on how to use it. I wouldn't say that I'm an expert wearer now, honestly, it still takes me a long time to arrange and fix it and I still have problems here and there at times but as they say, practice makes perfect!

Here are some photos:

Wearing her, I found that she doesn't cry as much. I have worn her quite a lot of times, even when we're out in the mall. This protects her from all the stimuli because she sometimes becomes fuzzy and overly stimulated. She falls right to sleep when I wear her and she just lays her head on my chest as if listening to my breathing. She sleeps through anything even when it's noisy! ;) That's why I really recommend wearing your baby. Surprisingly even our pedia recommends it too!

Now I just have to learn how to set up the sling faster and to be able to put her down carefully so she won't wake after removing the sling. Because she wakes everytime I remove her from the sling and try to put her in her crib. Hmm more practice definitely!

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