YELLOWMUM: Baby's Outfit: Fancy Ava Headband

As a new mom, I'm always so excited going to baby/kids events. Most recently I went to Expo Mom 2013 where I was able to get a couple of stuff. I'm looking forward to the next one for sure! One of the things that I purchased from the event was a headband for my little girl.

Robyn actually doesn't have a lot of hair just yet. But I really want to accessorize her because a lot of people mistake her for a boy. :( So when I saw this huge flower as a headband I knew I wanted to get it. I thought  it would be a "huge" sign for people to know that she's a girl.

headband: Fancy Ava
Price: P90.00 

Hello! I'm Robyn and I'm a girl. ;p
Onesie: from China
mittens: Lulu Baby

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