YELLOWMUM: 28 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog

Welcome to YELLOWMUM! It's my new category sharing with you my journey as an expectant mum! :)

A super super super late because my internet was so wonky! I have been trying to upload the video for how many weeks already! And it actually took more than 4 hours to upload it. I have no idea why it takes that long! :(

Anyways, I'm already on my 32nd week actually as I'm blogging this. So yes, I will be recording my 32nd week vlog in a few days to come. Hopefully that will upload faster just like before.

So without further ado, here is my 28 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog taken November 21, 2012 (I was 28 Weeks 4 Days pregnant based on my LMP).

During my 7th month, not much has changed but I'm definitely nesting! I have been buying stuff here and there. I feel like since I'm already on my third trimester, I really have to start preparing for the coming of my daughter.

The first real haul was when Market! Market! had their Baby Sale. We spent almost P5,000 buying her stuff. Though I still feel like we lack a lot and we still need to get some more.

I also started researching and studying about cloth diapers. Apparently, they're not the usual lampins anymore. There are so many designs, so many systems. I particularly liked two systems, AI2 (All In Twos) and Pocket Diapers. So I purchased one from Lazada. The brand is Happy Baby. And I also purchased 6 more from Next 9. And since I'm hoping to start cloth diapering from the day I give birth or at least as soon as possible, I know I still need to get a whole lot.

One pregnancy symptom that I hate? Stretch marks! They've finally decided to make an appearance! I'm still lathering on my lotions but I guess it's inevitable. I knew my skin was stretch mark prone so I guess it was just a matter of time.

I also started peeing a lot! I guess Munchkin really is growing. She has become heavier and more active that I think sometimes, she tends to push my bladder that's why I keep peeing!

The breastfeeding seminar that we attended was really helpful. It was by Perfect Latch. I learned that there are proper ways on how to breastfeed, different positions etc. I have always planned to breastfeed. I know of the benefits and it would actually be more practical. I went to the grocery and saw that a can of baby milk's around P700! Wow! Imagine if you need to buy a can every week! So yes, breastfeeding is definitely something that I will be doing. With that said, I need to research and buy nursing bras. I was able to purchase one but I think there are different brands that may be better.

Finally, I plan to walk more the next coming months. I know that it would help me during labor. So many people have been telling me and advising me that walking is really good for pregnant women. I just wish weather will cooperate, it's been so hot lately that I don't want to move because I sweat easily!

I'll be talking about my 3D experience soon! Was able to see my baby in 3D during my 29th week! :) She is adorable!!!!