Scented Candles

Cheers to the long weekend and let's welcome December with a big bang! I can't believe it's already December. A few days to go, it's already Christmas. Well if you're already planning your Christmas gifts, you might want to consider giving scented candles.

This is my current obsession! I've been hoarding candles nonstop ever since we moved to our new place. Who doesn't want a fragrant home right? So far I've tried 2 brands and I actually decided to give one of the brands to my friend when she celebrated her birthday last August.

If you want to check out my blog post about Alice Blue, click here. What I like most about it is that you don't need to light it every single time. They also have a good selection of scents, I prefer choosing something mild for my bedroom and something stronger for the bathroom. My favorites would have to be- Oakmoss & Sage and Rosebush for bedroom, Red Currant for bathroom. The next scent that I want to try is Lavender..I really like this brand a lot and I think it's actually worth the money. 

I boought Betty Crocker scented candles as well to give them a try. I purchased them from S&R. They were on SALE at P299 for a big jar! That's quite a steal. When I tried sniffing it, I loved the smell immediately. So obviously, I had to purchase a batch and try for myself. I got Blueberry Pie for the kitchen/dining, and it smells really nice. I also bought Pineapple Sorbet for the bathroom. Well let's just say it's not as strong as Alice Blue, but then again it's half the price or so!

Well I still recommend Alice Blue. But like what I think I would still try out other brands just to check if there are other cheaper alternatives but still great quality. :) If you have any suggestions, do let me know. I'm still open to purchasing more! :) Haha!