YELLOWMUM: Gender Discovery

Welcome to YELLOWMUM! It's my new category sharing with you my journey as an expectant mum! :)

Hi everyone! Welcome to another entry for YELLOWMUM. And today I wanted to talk about how we discovered the gender of munchkin. I mentioned in my last video that I will be blogging about the "accidental discovery".

It was during my 20th week of pregnancy (based on LMP), I went to my doctor for my monthly checkup on a Wednesday and I asked for a request for gender determination. I planned to get the ultrasound for gender determination on my 21st week just to give my baby a little more time to grow.

Fast forward 2 days later, Friday, H and I were in the mall and I asked me to accompany me to the clinic so I can get the schedule and also set an appointment for my ultrasound the week after. So we went and I asked for the schedule of the doctor that can determine the gender even during 20th week. And then the front desk personnel asked me if I wanted it done that day since the doctor's already available and there was no line. I gotta say, I panicked and looked at my hubby right away to ask for his decision. He was also stunned and said okay.

So we went and paid for the ultrasound and we were both telling each other that it's surprising. I remember telling him "Hindi ata ako prepared" because I honestly wasn't. I went there just to set up an appointment and now there I was walking back to the clinic.

Before going in the room, I decided to empty my bladder first. After that, the doctor prepped me for my very first abdominal ultrasound. She was measuring the baby and when she was ready to reveal the gender, she called for my husband. She was showing us the head, the body, her heart and heartbeat and finally her legs. Unfortunately, my daughter is a "dalagang Pilipina", she kept her legs closed the entire time. The doctor was wiggling the probe and moving my belly so the baby will open her legs but she never did. (I don't know if it's because I just peed and maybe she's already in her relaxed state.) So what the sonologist did was to look under and there they were- lines. So she finally told us that we're having a girl WITH a disclaimer. She said that my baby measured 19 weeks so she's still small and it's still early to tell if she indeed is a girl. The sonologist said that boys' testicles drop in a few more weeks so she can't be 100% certain it's a girl.

Anyways, we headed out- me completely shocked and hubby also still not fully grasping everything that just happened. Like what I said before, H was hoping for a boy and I personally had no preference. But we decided to assume that it's a girl since that's what the sonologist told us. I will be getting another ultrasound, this time in 3D to confirm the gender once and for all. Now that munchkin is a lot bigger and quite active, I think this time it's for sure.

We're happy we're having a girl. I'm the eldest and I have three younger sisters- yes, we're all girls. So I know how it is to be the eldest daughter. I've always thought that a female eldest child actually helps out a lot even in taking care of younger siblings. I know that our munchkin will be a great ate. I just know it. :) Hubby is also on board as well. He's talked to so many people who have both boys and girls and most of them said it's actually a good thing that our eldest is a girl. :)

As for names, we already have an idea of the name we want for munchkin. Though we're still not closing our doors yet for other names. I'm also still undecided if it will be 2 names or 3 names. I personally have 4 given names. It's quite interesting but I probably won't give my daughter a hard time with 4 names. H has only 1 given name. I feel like it's quite common to have 2 names, so I'm thinking 3? But then again, maybe it's too long? What do you guys think? If I'm going to give her 3 names, 1 of those names will only consists of 3 letters so it's not that bad. :) If you have any suggestions for baby girls names, do let me know! :D

That's it for now! :) Gotta prepare for a makeup job tomorrow morning! Ciao!