The Perfect White Eyeshadow Base

I know a lot of people who enjoy wearing colorful eye makeup on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying I don't like my colors but more often than not I find myself working with neutrals than colored makeup. When I do find the right occasion or look for a colored makeup, I would want the colors to pop. This brings me to my topic for today- bases. 

I like using a base for colored makeup most especially a matte white one so that it enhances the color and doesn't alter it whatsoever. It makes the color stand out more and makes it look more vibrant. I have been trying out several bases but I have to say NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk is my favorite.

I bought this from Skye Avenue and have not regretting buying it! I already have several NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils already, but I have always wanted to get Milk because it's matte and the ones that I have are not.

They're very creamy that sometimes it also becomes a disadvantage as it creases on me. However, I never fail to put on eye primer when I'm wearing eye makeup so at least I'm sure that it won't budge and will last all day. Just a tip though, I would suggest that you use it sparingly and blend with your fingers very well.

Here's a swatch:

And here are some photos from my most recent tutorial using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil as base. It really made the Winter Orchid eyeshadow look even more vibrant. It looks so so amazing with shimmery eyeshadows!

If you're looking for a great matte white eyeshadow base to start with, try out NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. They're affordable, easy to get a hold of and a pencil will definitely last you a long long time!

3 out of 3 Schnauzers