Goody Girl Collection with Clara Magalona

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of the Goody Girls Collection. The event was right before I left for my trip. I’ve always thought that Goody has a lot of variety of hair accessories. Their hair accessories let us show off our style especially with their newest collection, the Goody Girls Collection. The Goody Girls Collection is all about more colorful hair accessories fit for youngsters and young at heart. It offers girly finishing touch to any hairstyle.

Cafe 1771 was filled with colorful decors, fun and pretty accents that really showcases the newest collection from Goody.

 This reminds me of  our light fixture at home! 😉
As for the food, they served pica pica and bite size yummy food. I loved the spaghetti! The sauce was just superb!
Tutti and her niece Maxene were our hosts for the day. They did a great job and they were really fun to listen to.

Oh by the way, I also won a Strawberry Shortcake because I got to guess who the new Goody girl is. 🙂

I also learned that the designs which is perfect for those with sparse hair to thick hair are soft on the scalp but will keep the style solidly in place all throughout the day.
During the launch, the youngest ambassador of Goody was introduced to us. Cute, sweet and charming, Clara Magalona. Yes, she is the daughter of Francis and Pia Magalona.

“We spotlight on Goody Girls with energy, spontaneity, elegance, inner beauty and outward confidence,” says Jenna Sy, marketing specialist of Goody Philippines under the LJS Group of Companies. “At a very tender age of 11, Clara has set a stand-out following in the beauty and fashion scene by simply being her natural self- bubbly, energetic and spontaneous not only in the limelight but even behind the scenes. She knows so much more than kids her age and through various digital media such as her personal blog, Facebook and twitter site, she has amazingly been able to create a huge fan-base online even at a very young age,” Jenna adds.

During the interview, Clara showed us why she’s the perfect fit for the brand, she was funny, articulate and still managed to remain sweet the entire time. She’s definitely got the funk in her style. She looked so pretty with her hairstyle and her outfit.
To show her support, Clara’s sister Saab was there as well. She kept taking photos of her baby sister. It shows how proud she is of her! And it was sweet seeing them smile and giggle at each other.

Clara’s mom and lola were also in attendance. They confessed that they were Goody girls too! Goody has been in the family for years. They also wanted to show support to Clara so they made sure that they were there for the new Goody girl.

I have to say I looooveeed looovvveeeddd Clara’s hairstyle. I actually couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was perfect! And the flower detail on her Goody clip was so girly, so fantastic!

Here are some more photos from the event:

 with the Goody team
 Of course I had to take a photo with the girl on spotlight!

 with Say
with Donnarence 
 Beauty Bloggers in the house!
 with the ever so beautiful Ms. Gwen
 Ms. Gwen Carino
Last photo with S3 in the powder room 😉
Goody is definitely for all ages! The Goody Girl collection with all their colors compliments any outfit and any style!
The Goody Girls collection also comprises of products from Goody Ouchless line, the Goody Stay Put line and is available in all leading department stores nationwide.