All About My Hair Care

I received compliments about my hair especially when I haven't cut it yet. I admit, I'm actually very lucky with my hair and I'm pretty happy with it. I only do simple things that's why I decided to share it with you. I feel like it's so easy to do and I hope that it helps somehow. Oh by the way, I already posted about my hair care before so this is the updated one.

My hair is pretty sparse, the strands I meant. My hair is naturally straight so it's a little bit difficult to curl it and keep the curls in place the entire day. However, my hair is pretty manageable. I usually just keep it in a pony on a normal day or just wear it down.

Here are the products that I use:

Right now, my main problem is hairfall. I've been using Skin Hour's Hairfall Be Gone for a year or so now and like what I said before, I like using natural products but they're not that great in conditioning the hair. Sometimes there's a tendency that the hair gets a little dry during the shower. What's pretty fascinating though is after taking a bath, the hair is not as dry anymore.

 Snoe Hair Heroes Honey, Olive & Clementine
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Clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo Dry Scalp & Itch Control

I use Clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo when my scalp itches and when I feel that it has become dry. Sometimes I would see some flakes so to combat that, I use my Clear shampoo.

For my shampoos, I alternate them because I have a this theory that when the hair gets used to the shampoo, you don't see the benefits anymore. ;)

 Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil

I sometimes want to add a little something something to my hair. Haha! When I feel like it has already been stripped off the moisture, I would use a leave on conditioner. Actually the Intense Argan Oil can be used as a leave on conditioner, shampoo and hair treatment. I prefer to use it as a leave on conditioner. It's a pretty thick formula but it's highly effective in moisturizing my hair.

 Lorys Hair Professional Nutri Sun Gloss
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Loreal Matrix Sensoria Care

Similar to my Lory's Hair Professional Hair Care, it also gives shine and gives conditioning to the hair. But the scent of the Sensoria Care lasts longer. So yes, if I were to choose between the two, I would choose the Sensoria Care.

Kerastase Elixir Kultime

I haven't used this for a long time yet, I have only used it for a week but I gotta say I'm impressed with this product. It's a beautifying oil. Yes it is oil based and at first it's quite oily on the hair but after a minute, the oiliness disappears and it just leaves the hair oh-so-shiny and so light weight! I can't wait to use it further to share with you a comprehensive review. :)

For the hair treatments, I only do them when I feel like it or my hair needs it and when I'm not too lazy to do so. Haha! That's about it. I just keep it simple on my hair. I don't get hair treatments at salons often and I don't color my hair or do other chemical hair treatments.

I hope that this helps. :D And like what I said, drink lots of water! It's good for your hair, your skin and your health!