San San Concealers

If I have to choose only one makeup to use, it will definitely be concealer. I remember it's the first makeup that I have ever sported. I started using concealer back in highschool to cover my ugly pimple marks and also my eyebags from late night "studying" or watching TV- in reality. Until now, it still bothers me when I don't conceal at all. Haha! It's a must for me especially since I have dark circles.

I've been hearing good things about San San concealers so I decided to go and check them out. They're very affordable so I didn't hesitate to buy. They were around P105 per pc I think and I got them on SALE. :)

Another fact is that I don’t really see a lot of concealers with SPF and I was surprised to see that the San San concealers have SPF15 and are enriched with Vitamins A, C and E. So I decided to get 2 out of 3 shades that they have. I got Beige and Olive.

They look almost the same except olive is a little deeper and obviously, has an olive undertone.

I decided to get these two because I think these two match my color better and I'd be able to use these more.

I actually prefer cream concealers than liquid because I feel that they have heavier coverage and a little product goes a long way.

Here are swatches:

 Left- Olive
Right- Beige
(- flash)

Left- Olive
Right- Beige
(+ flash)

I have only tried using this once for a client. She had some scars on her leg that she wanted to cover since she will be wearing shorts that day for her pictorial. I decided to use Beige on her because she has light skin. True enough, San San concealers really give good coverage. I was able to lightly hide her scars. Obviously, with concealing, it's impossible to "erase" the scars or bumps, but it slightly lightens and neutralizes the color of the area to slightly hide it.

I'm pretty impressed. I haven't had a chance to use this on my eyebags or pimples just yet as I'm still trying on a different product. But I am looking forward to it because I saw what it can do when I tried it on my client.


  1. I use the beige variant. Even after weeks of using it, I am still amazed at how it covers my dark undereye circles and makes me look more awake. I got mine for only P70 something because of a sale. That's the best part, I think--I paid less than a hundred pesos for a lot of product.

  2. hmmm.. i get to see review abt san san oly from your blog. :)

  3. Aviva: Wow that's such a great deal! Yeah, I think the Beige one is best for undereyes too. Still haven't used it on me yet since I'm still testing a different product but I'm more excited now!

    Keeza: Aaww really? I hope it interests you. Do let me know if you've already tried it, k?