First Quarter Favorites (Q1 '12)

Hey everyone! Finally I came up with a Favorites video. It's going to be a quarterly thing since I don't think my favorites change every month. I also limited myself to only sharing 8 favorites with you just to keep the video and blog post short and also challenge myself to pick my 8 most favorite that top my list!

 King Size Bed

This is our new bed at home. I have always bugged my husband for a king size bed because we're both tall and I sleep with a minimum of 3 pillows (usually 4) so I felt like our old bed was just too small. Finally, when an opportunity came to get a new bed, I accompanied my husband to customize and design our bed.

First was the size, I made sure that it was king size. H asked for the biggest size possible and that was 80x84. It's the biggest that we have to have our sheets customized too. The design, I wasn't very particular with. H chose the design and I think he did an amazing job. It was very "macho" looking with the thick wood that they used. And lastly, we got US Rubber for the cushion and H ordered the 8 inch cushion. That's what he was very very particular with.

 Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Decaf Mint

I became a tea addict ever since I saw that there's a Decaf version of it. For some reason, I only learned about it now. Haha! I used to drink green tea because I like that it neutralizes and removes toxins from my body plus it helps promote weight loss too. But I am acidic and can't drink it in the morning so obviously, the only time is during the night. The fact that Celestial Green Tea is decaf is a huge advantage! I also like this because of the mint flavor.

 Suesh Makeup Traincase with Lights

No explanation needed right? I have always wanted one and now I have it! :)

 Goody Ouchless Gel Brush

When I received this, I didn't know that it was going to be my favorite brush ever! I used to just use it at night before I go to bed but realized that it's actually perfect to use in the morning because of my tangled hair. And even with tangles, it still doesn't hurt. Simply put, best brush ever!

 Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Liquid Foundation Mat

For me, it's the perfect everyday foundation. It covers really well but still feels light on the skin. I hate heavy feeling that foundation brings but the Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Foundation breaks all the odds! I also found my perfect shade! I'm #21!

 LuLu Makeup Bronx Duo

My current favorite contour duo. I contour every single time I leave the house and this is the perfect contour color that gives me natural looking contour. Most of the time, I also prefer a matte highlight just because sometimes I tend to get oily so the shimmery highlights just show those oiliness more. The Bronx Duo has the perfect matte highlighter. I use it usually for my cheeks, but sometimes when I'm running out of time to do my makeup, I also use this as my eyebrow highlight.

 Colour Collection Color Intense Lipstick SPF15 in Salmon

First of all, this has SPF15 so the lips is already protected from the sun. Second, it's a gorgeous summer shade! It's a coral lip color that screams summer! This lipstick gives me just the  right amount of moisture in that my lips need without feeling to slimy.

Tony Moly Simply Style Makeup Eraser

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, we're just humans and we create mistakes. The Tony Moly Makeup Eraser saves me from having to do the entire eye makeup routine again by just cleaning and removing the mistake made. A must, definitely!

I hope you liked my top 8 for this quarter! Stay tuned next quarter for the next batch of favorites. :)