Nail Art Vlog: Pooch Park Inspired

I will be going to Subic today and will be back by the weekend so while I'm gone, I hope you'll enjoy watching my videos or backreading here in my blog. :) It's going to be a short vacation and I plan to do a travel vlog while I'm there. Let's see how it goes. :)

Speaking of doing vlogs, here's my first vlog- nail art. I have been dying to use my GCs from Benett Joyce Home Service Nails & Spa and so when I got the chance to stay home, I contacted them and set an appointment. I also asked my husband to help me draw the nail art design I wanted.

What's so impressive about Benett Joyce Home Service Nails & Spa is that they bring everything that they need and I mean everything! They have their chair, light, pitcher, even pillows and extension cord!

I first got the Express Cucumber Melon Manicure and Pedicure. My hands and feet were soaked in warm water with melon essence (It smells soooo good!) before the manicure and pedicure. After the cleaning, Cristel also gave me a little massage which made me sleepy because it was so good. 

When it was time for my polish, since my peg was the logo of Pooch Park. Definitely, I wanted green and yellow. I asked Cristel to paint my toe nails with yellow and I chose Sephora by OPI. And as for my fingernails, I chose Jade is the New Black of OPI as my base color.

Then it was time for my nail art. According to Cristel, she didn't have a difficult time in copying my design- it was fairly simple. But she practiced a couple of times first to make sure that she draws the perfect size.

After 2 1/2 hours of mani pedi session, it's done! I'm so excited and happy with the result!

I chose to put the Pooch Park logo on my thumb and my ring finger and for the rest of my nails, I chose cute little paw prints.

What do you guys think? Likey Likey? :) Well I do. Hehe! Oh how I love nail art!

Benett Joyce Home Service Nails & Spa Prices:
Express Cucumber Melon Pedicure P250
Express Cucumber Melon Manicure P200
Nail Art P100 for the hands, P100 for the feet