Shape & Sculpt (I lost 8cm with 1 session!)

Okay since I feel a little guilty because I showed you really delicious junk food yesterday, I’ll try to make it up to you today and discuss something that will help you lose a couple of inches. 🙂 Oh I’m so sure a lot of my readers are dying to know what I’m talking about.

I have undergone Shape & Sculpt for my arms. It’s actually my least favorite part of my body because my arms have always- always been big. Even when I lose weight, it’s still big. So when I was asked what I area I wanted, I chose my arms right away. Shape & Sculpt is all about cavitation and toning. It basically destroys the fats and penetrates deeply to the layers of skin and meat.

I went to Flawless Greenhills for this session because I wanted a change in ambiance and also because I had errands to do in Greenhills.

It was my second time to go to Flawless Greenhills. The first one was when I had a facial before my wedding. I remember I liked it so much because it was so quiet and private.

I was led to my bed and before the procedure began, I signed a consent form and my aesthetician took measurements of my arms in preparation for the procedure.

Flawless Shape and Sculpt uses a ground-breaking 3-in-1 advanced technology in a synergistic system via Cavitation Ultrasound, Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Interference Frequency. These combine to effectively eliminate fat, and improve muscle tone, resulting in a slim and svelte figure.

STEP 1: Cavitation Ultrasound
Melts or dissolve stubborn adipocytes (fats cells). Results include a visible reduction in fat, a decrease in cellulite, and visible body contouring. These are two channels employed in Cavitation:

– Deep penetration to target stubborn adipocytes

– Targets smaller fats, and can be used by patients who wish to have lean bodies

– Melts & dissolve fat

– Stimulates the collagen, increases metabolism

– Contours, shapes & sculpt the body

She applies ultrasound gel on my arm and then proceeds to massaging it with the ultra cavitation machine.

During this time, I could hear a buzzing sound. It’s quite loud actually and very distracting. But eventually, I got used to it and just ignored the sound. The soundwaves are responsible for bursting the fat. Apparently, I was the only one who was hearing the buzzing sound. Yes, the patient is the only one who can hear it because as my aesthetician explained, it was an inward sound.

STEP 2: Bi-Polar Radiofrequency

Fat cells are heated, accelerating their metabolism, and causing them to shrink. RF smoothens, contours, tones and lifts, effectively treating cellulite and tightening the skin in a safe and non-surgical way:

– Collagen is renewed, providing a younger and fresher look to transformed skin.

– The system uses lymphatic drainage to reduce blockages in the body’s lymphatic system, thereby promoting health.
The first and second step lasted for about 30 minutes, 15 minutes each arm. It didn’t hurt a bit but I must admit, the buzzing sound really was annoying. Haha! I loved the massaging feeling. The whole process just felt like a deep tissue massage.

STEP 3: Interference Frequency

The last step to achieve the definitive body contour. Interference pads and gel electrodes make up the Interference Frequency apparatus:

– Results in the reduction of muscle spasms.

– Enhances local blood supply, improves metabolism and increases the strength of the muscle.

– Muscle contraction in dysfunctional or unused areas, such as the weak abdominal muscles, is stimulated leading to a leaner, more toned and sculpted body shape.

The 3-1 Shape & Sculpt system provides the ultimate in contouring. Fat cells are dissolved, making it less likely to regain the lost fat. Dissolved fat is then burned quickly and effectively. Lastly, the body is contoured and metabolism is increased, making maintenance of that new and svelte body shape so much easier.

Now for the last step, I gotta tell you this was the most painful part. the interference pads and gel electrodes started pumping and it felt like I was working out really intensely. My aesthetician told me that this was responsible for toning the muscles, and it really felt that way. There were different “waves” or pumping and she started with 15% and oh my, it was really intense! It felt like I was doing biceps and triceps exercises really fast at once. Haha! Once my muscles got used to it, she starts increasing the intensity.
Since I don’t work out regularly, sadly I could only take until 35%. It was already very painful and my arms were really started getting tired so I settled for that. My aesthetician said that this is normal because the muscles in our arms aren’t as strong as that of our back or our abs. This step lasted for about 10-15 minutes total for both arms.

In the end  lost 2 cm on my upper arms and lower arms each; that’s a total of 8cm! And that was only 1 session. Imagine if I go for more sessions. 🙂 After the procedure, my arms were quite tired but not to the point that I couldn’t anymore. It just felt like a good long work out.
I was honestly impressed with this procedure that I would recommend it to those people who want to lose a few inches on their problem area. Of course exercise would still be the best way to do so. but I like how Shape & Sculpt helps tone those flabby muscles. 🙂

Disclaimer: Service given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.