Subic Haul

Last month, H and I went to Subic to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and while we were were there, we shopped shopped and shopped! We actually shopped for some food and I decided to hoard on skin care and makeup because they were so much cheaper and Subic had a wide range of imported products compared to Manila.

First stop- Duty Free. I honestly don't remember the names of the Duty Free stores there. There were just so much and my husband and I enjoyed shopping and strolling all of them.

 Duty Free Loot

 Banana Boat Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion SPF50

I bought this because I forgot to bring a sunblock for my body that had high SPF. Since H wanted to go to the beach, we dropped by a store and I bought one first.

 PerCara Mouthwash & Gargle
(Refreshing Mint / Extreme Peppermint)

Very affordable mouthwashes. H saw these and got them right away because I always end up spending so much time in the dental hygiene aisle looking for a good mouthwash. I gargle twice a day after brushing my teeth. I have already tried the Extreme Peppermint one and it tasted okay. :)

 TRESemme Hairspray Extra Hold

I was so surprised when I saw TRESemme in Subic. I never knew that this brand was already available in the Philippines. Wow. I have seen these in a couple of youtube videos and since TRESemme is actually a salon product, I suppose it promises good results. I haven't tried it yet because I'm still finishing my current hairspray.

 Nu-Pore Makeup Remover

I currently own a cleansing wipes and I love it because it's so easy and convenient to use. I bring it with me when I have gigs especially during shoots since you need an easy solution to removing makeup. When I saw this product, I decided to get it as back up since I only have one box of wipes. (It's a different brand though.)

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black

I am in love with this pencil eyeliner. I think you probably have read my post about it before. It's really my favorite pencil eyeliner because it doesn't budge and smudge even with my oily lids. This was P100 cheaper compared to Colorstay Eyeliners sold here in Manila, so yes I had to buy one!

 Beauty Credit Loot

When we went to my favorite spa in Subic, Thai Chi, I saw a cute little store that sells makeup and Korean skin care. It was Beauty Credit. I was told that that they have a branch in SM Mall of Asia. Since I do not go to MOA that much, I don't know where they are located exactly. And anyways, the store in Subic had lots of SALE and their prices were cheaper so I hoarded once more.

 I bought this as gifts :)

 CoEnzyme Q10 Wrinkle Skincare Set

H and I bought this set as a gift. H knew CoEnzyme and I know Q10. Basically this is the anti wrinkle set of Beauty Credit and they had regular sizes and travel sizes of the toner and cleanser and a moisturizer. We thought it's a perfect gift for a loved one. ;)

 Lovely Q10 Pearl Shine Makeup Base

I swatched this product and fell in love with the result. It gave that pearl like glow to the skin. It's not shimmery nor glittery. The name perfectly fits what it is. I decided to get it as a gift for someone who I knew would appreciate it and her skin would surely look flawless with this base.

 Nice logo of Beauty Credit

 Danahan Yellow Soil Mousse Pack

When I researched about it, they said that it helps create a refreshing and deep-cleansing effect. The Yellow soil helps clean blackheads inside your pores and that there are 30 different kinds of liposomes help protect the skin. Well H liked it so we decided to buy 2 bottles.

 Red Wine Pore Control Essence

I bought this because I found that the pores on my nose area were starting to get a little larger. The sales attendant said that this is one of the best sellers and when I smelled it, it smelled really really good. I haven't tried it yet but I do hope it works. :)

 Nose Pore Cleaning Pack & Charcoal Pack

I actually thought these two were just for men and women, but apparently the other one is charcoal based. I have already tried using these and I can say they work! Watch out for my review on these.

Lovely Q10 Liquid Foundation Matte #21 Nude Beige
(photo to follow)

I got a liquid foundation and it gives light-medium coverage. I rarely use liquid foundation but I wanted to buy one anyways so I can try it out. It's really good, I've already tried it. The only down side is that they have limited shades.

 Lovely Two Way Cake Moist #23 Natural Beige

I was supposed to get the matte one but they were out of stock so I decided since I really wanted to buy their two cake powder, I agreed to getting the moisturizing one. The packaging is so sleek. I love it! It also gives good coverage.

Lovely Lovely Two Way Cake Moist #23 Natural Beige Refill
Lovely Powder Pack Matte #23 Natural Beige

Since I knew we won't be going back to Subic anytime soon, I decided to get a refill of the two way cake. I also bought the powder pack in matte. That's the only one they have so I knew I had to get it. 

The powder pack doesn't have as much coverage as the two way cake. It's a pressed powder whereas the two way cake is powder foundation.

 Individual Eyeshadows

 Eyeshadow BR22
Eyeshadow BE30 Apricot

The packaging is really really nice. It also has a mirror! Very very convenient. :) Would you believe this was only P100? Such a steal!

Seaweed Mud Cotton Mask
ADefying Sheet Mask

I got these as freebies because I bought so much! Wee! :) Love my freebies!!!

Watch out for my reviews on these products! :) I am now officially broke. Haha! But I am one happy girl. :p