Long Lasting Lipstick

Hi everyone! I know I have been MIA. I’ve just been so busy with events and even personal activities. I just celebrated my birthday if you missed it. 🙂 Haha! So don’t forget to join my Birthday Giveaway. It’s still ongoing till Dec 7.
Anyways, today I wanted to share a few tricks on how to make your lipstick long lasting. Since I am a lippy addict, these tricks are tried and tested by yours truly. You can just choose to do one or two or all of them. ‘Tsup to you.
 Tools of the trade
 Option 1: Lip Liner
Before lipstick application, apply lip liner. Choose a lip liner close or same shade as your lipstick. This is a great trick because even if your lipstick fades, you still have color on because of your lip liner.
 Option 2: Long Wearing Lipstick
If you want a one step trick, it’s choosing a long wearing lipstick. For lipsticks, my Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipstick is one of the most long lasting one I have. For palettes, I suggest LuLu Makeup Paris Lip Palette.
 Option 3: Dab loose powder.
Use a thin ply of tissue and put it on top of the lips and gently dab loose powder. This helps remove and absorb the oil of the lipstick. 
Option 4: Lipstick Sealer
You can opt to use a lipstick sealer. After patting the lips with tissue to remove excess oil, apply a thin coat of the lipstick sealer. It’s effective but it makes your lipstick matte. You can just apply a little gloss after.

You can get the Lipstick Sealer from http://dreamcollection.multiply.com.

Final result!
If you these four steps, I assure you that you’ll have a pretty hard time in removing your lipstick at the end of the day. The color really stays put the entire day. 🙂

Good luck and let me know what you chose to do. 🙂

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