Wild Ginger with Andy

Here’s a pretty late post because this reunion was about a month ago. But for some reason I forgot that I havent posted this yet.
Anyways, my friends and I met up in Powerplant because my dear friend Andy just came home. She went to Japan to study their language and after that, went straight to the U.S. to spend some time with her cousins and friends, so inevitably it called for a reunion!

I was running late so Eric and Andy already chose a restaurant. They chose Wild Ginger, a restaurant I haven’t tried before. I was surprised when Eric told me that it was a Thai restaurant.

Here were our orders:

 Asian Crispy Pork P190.00
It reminded me of Lechon Kawali. I personally don’t find it any special. It tasted just like the usual Lechon Kawali. So I don’t feel like I need to discuss this further.

 Roti with Curry Dip P120.00

The best roti I have tasted from a restautant here in the Metro. I have tasted that of Kebab Factory’s and Banana Leaf. I have also tried Crowne Plaza’s Seven Corners, but it was part of the buffet. Anyways, going back, this Roti was really good because it’s super chewy and at P120 there were already a lot of rotis. Plus it came with a yummy curry sauce too.

 Beef Rendang P245.00
This was one of my favorites. It reminded me of curry. The beef was very tender too. I dipped my Roti on this because it tasted simply amazing!

Hainanese Chicken P265.00
I think this was Andy’s order. Again, nothing special. But the Hainanese Chicken was pretty good. Anyways, I realized maybe it’s because Hainanese Chicken isn’t a specialty of Thailand. If this dish was a little cheaper, maybe I’d order it again but at P265, I think it’s too expensive.
That’s it! I’ll definitely go back for the Roti and Beef Randang. 🙂
Some photos of me and my friends:
 Andy & I
 Eric & Andy
Me & Eric
Wild Ginger
Ground Floor Powerplant Mall,
Rockwell Center, Makati City