Prince Albert, Hotel Intercontinental

My husband and I got a free lunch set meal at Prince Albert, Intercontinental Hotel Manila. It was because we were Priority Privielge card holders. I talked about it before and the benefits and privileges members get from it such as discounts. 

This time we used our coupon to try Prince Albert. It's Hotel Intercon's fine dining restaurant. I was quite excited because it was my first time there and even though I wasn't dressed for a classy lunch, it did not matter as I was busy being excited. :)

The server told us that we would be enjoying a three course meal. But we were also served their bread which both H and I loved. I literally devoured it! I love bread and theirs were quite tasty.

First was mushroom soup. Oh my, it was really delicious. It was very creamy, and I could taste the mushroom in the soup. They also added this crispy "thing" on top and spongey egg at the bottom that made the dish even better.

 Mushroom Soup

Now onto our main course:

 My Roasted Chicken

 H's Salmon

Starting with H's salmon, this one I loved most. It was cooked perfectly, it was juicy not dry at all. The serving was very generous too. We shared our dishes with each other so both could taste their orders. I also liked the sauce of the salmon. It was cream based and it complimented the fish.

For my roasted chicken, it was juicy too. I liked that it wasn't hard to bite because some roasted chickens are. I didn't like the sauce that came with the chicken though. I'd say this was a so-so dish. It tasted normal, not worthy of a fine-dining price. I loved the salmon better.

 Wild Cherry Dessert

Sorry, but I didn't like this at all. The wild cherry tasted like a tasteless bread. It was as hard as eating bread. For me, when you say dessert- it's sweet. Even the filling inside, I thought it was condensed milk, but no. It was evaporated milk which wasn't sweet enough to mask the taste of the cherry.

Assorted Chocolates

Nothing special, I can't even remember how these tasted. I think the brown one was dark chocolate. Nothing different about it.

Overall we became full. I wouldn't say it's worth going back to just because the prices were steep and I find the food to be just okay. I like the ambiance though, it's very cozy and all the servers were very attentive.

I wonder if you have tried dining here too? What were your orders and how were your experiences? :)