HMN 1st Leg: Singapore (Part 2)

On to the part 2 of the 1st leg of our Honeymoon (Singapore). Here’s a link to the 1st part.

Sentosa Island here we come! We went there on our third day in Sinagpore. We were both excited, me more excited! But here’s the deal-  I don't get all the hype about Sentosa. I really expected it to be like our Enchanted Kingdom, with all the rides beside each other, left and right. Errmmm... when we got there, I was super excited. I'm a big theme park girl. But we were quite disappointed. Please note that we went there 2009, and there was no Universal Studios yet. Maybe if there was, it would have been more fun. I’m quite certain about that.

PA270002Taken in the train going to Sentosa.

PA270006  Finally a picture with the Merlion!

Amidst the disappointment, we did really like something. We did enjoy in Sentosa was Images of Singapore. Thank goodness H is very mapilit that he wanted to see it. At first I was hesitant that I thought it would be boring history stuff. I was proven wrong!



PA280018 This honestly blew me away!
Ang galing sobra!
I wonder when the Philippines would have this kind of technology.

PA280020This was pretty cool too!

Here were some images of Singapore:



I love watching cultural shows. So this was really great for me!



It took us more than an hour to finish the Images of Singapore and it was all worth it. I loved every minute of it. It was really nice and educational.  We continued strolling and tried the 4D movie, eventually ended up in the beach. After that, hubby was already bored and wanted to leave. I wanted to stay for the lights display at night, but he was already mad and disappointed. It was so freaking hot and we didn’t know where else to go so we decided to leave. ;/ Fail!


The next day, we went to Bugis (a little shopping haven), Little India and Chinatown. It was a whole day of walking. My back was already aching from the previous days but we still went on as we were excited to see the other parts of SG.

Little India

Saw this in a mall in Little India. And I remembered Jollibee.
Even the font’s the same!

Anyways, I do not have photos of Chinatown, but we went to The Chinatown Heritage Museum. I wasn't able to take photos because cameras weren't allowed. Though there were some people taking photos, the good girl in me just had to obey the rules. Yan ang Pinoy! :p Anyways, I loved loved loved loved the museum. You'll learn how much they sacrificed and how the Chinese were really poor before and how they started to work their way up. My husband  and I are both Chinese at heart so it really was close to home for us. I honestly felt simply proud, to be a Fil-Chi. That's all.

For lunch, we headed to Swensens and we also ate dessert there. I love Swensen ice cream. It's super rich and creamy! I want more! Wondering when there'll be one here in the Phils. I talked about Swensens in Bangkok, but it’s different. The ice cream that we enjoyed during our stay in Singapore was far better than that of Bangkok.



During late afternoon, H and I strolled at Clark Quay because we were to meet up with my friends Mari and Kathsy, residing in SG. Had dinner at Song Fa. The Bak Kuh Teh was really yummy! Thanks to my local friends. :)




We chanced Mint Museum of Toys the day when we visited Bugis, so we decided to go there and take a peak. For toy fanatic especially those collecting action figures etc., this would be heaven for you. After we went to Orchard Road and checked the ever so famous strip of shopping malls. Orchard is definitely a shopping strip! With so many malls to choose from, you wouldn't know where to start. (Photos in my personal multiply acoount)


During the last day in Singapore, we headed to Singapore Science Center. We saw Body Worlds exhibit sample in Vivo City the previous day and since we like gooey stuff (i.e. One of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds), we wanted to visit the center.


Mari came with us since it was our last day. Little did I know that the Singapore Science Center was super super super super fun!!! I loved it and so did H. :) The kid in me just got out and started jumping around checking out all the things in the exhibit.





PA310127This was cute!



We went to Novena as per Mari to try their Hainanese Chicken. And it was really good. The day ended with rain again. I wanted to try the MRT going to the airport. But realized it would be burdensome since it was raining. Geez! So we took a cab of course. And off we go to Kuala Lumpur via Air Asia! Thanks to Mari for suggesting this airline. :)

That’s it for the 1st leg of our honeymoon. I know there were a lot of photos, but trust me- we took more! Looking at the photos just brings back the memories. :) Stay tuned for the 2nd and 3rd leg. Hope you guys liked and hopefully helped you with your next travel too!