HMN 1st Leg: Singapore (Part 1)

Hi everyone, I’m currently out of shape so I’m taking some time to rest and recuperate. I’ve been drinking a lot of Chinese herbs have been eating so much to help me gain back my strength.

So since I’m spending time at home, I decided to finally post some honeymoon photos or as I call it HMN. :) This reverse blogging would be more of “photo blogging” wherein I’ll share photos and few stories. Just cause it’s been almost 2 years since this happened and I forgot most of the details. ;) I’m posting it part by part, leg by leg because it’s picture heavy. I don’t want you to get bored scrolling down. ;)

So here is the story. After getting married, H and I went to our honeymoon after a week from our wedding. We decided to go to three countries in about 16 days. We were both very excited, we packed I think about three suitcases (I really am NO light packer) and headed to the best memories to date!

First stop was Singapore. It was both our first time in Sinagpore. And can I just say I love Singapore! I love their public transpo, how clean it is. How approachable they are and thank God they speak English which helps us in a whole lotta ways.

So anyways, our flight was at 7am and now that I live in The Hills, we woke up around 4am to catch the flight. We stayed at the Peninsula Excelsior and strolled around.


So we went to One Fullerton to go and take photos with the Merlion, but it was under renovation! What the!!!


Ended up taking a photo with the mini one instead.

We went to Lau Pa Sat for dinner as per my friend’s suggestion. According to her, it’s a gathering of hawkers.



PA260027I think I wasn’t hungry yet so H and I ended up sharing this meal.
It wasn’t good. :( Fail!

Finally to finish our 1st day, we rode the Singapore Flyer at night. It was okay... Wouldn't do it again next time though. Once is enough. :p It was a little pricey, but it was a good experience. I think there were other honeymooners that rode with us (well I assumed since they were very cutesy and coupley.)

Beautiful view from up above

Next day it was time to hit the main attractions! If there’s one thing my husband and I both enjoy- it’s animals. We both love going to zoos and spend hours and hours there. So before going to Singapore, we already planned out zoo trip because Singapore is well known for their animals and their zoos. We first went to Jurong Bird Park. Before going, it started raining hard. So unfortunately, we didn't see a lot of birds. Even the bird show was cut short.




The rain stopped for awhile so we were able to gather around the amphitheatre for the bird show. I was sooo excited to see it. I love animal tricks shows. :)


PA260049A fellow Filipina volunteered!


Like what I said, the show was cut short because it started raining again. So H and I had no other choice but to ride the tram.

 PA260068 Then it started pouring. All the birds hid in their cages.

PA270093Luckily we brought umbrellas!


PA270104 Super pretty Flamingos!
H and I were debating if they were artificially colored or not.

We decided to go when we realized we won’t see anymore birds. Next in our itinerary were the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari which I enjoyed. It was a good thing that the rain stopped so our Zoo and Night Safari trip was well worth it.



PA270195  I don’t know what this is called- but it’s so CUTE!



 PA270146 Whatcha looking at?!

PA270153A week after our honeymoon, this specific tiger actually attacked its trainer!
We saw it in Yahoo news! Crazy, right?

Like I said, I love animal tricks shows, so we also watched the animal show in Singapore Zoo. It was that of the sealions.


 PA270183How I wish they had a bear show too. But that might be scary, noh?
 PA270186 Look at the size of a bear’s hand compared to my husband’s!

PA270188And ya’ll know I’m tall right? But I’m just half the size of the bear!



Lastly, the Night Safari. I wasn’t able to take photos anymore. Because during the tram ride, we were advised not to take photos because of the flash. I obliged of course. It was a very interesting ride. And I looovvveeedd the animal show so much! Again, no photos of those either.

It was like a theme park! Loves it! :)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of HMN 1st Leg: Singapore. :)