Eyebrow Shaping & Design

One thing quite important when doing makeup is grooming the eyebrows. It’s important because it helps frame the face better. Shaping, for me, is preparing the entire face for makeup. I think that with groomed brows, the makeup looks more complete. And with clean and decent looking brows, one looks all the more beautiful and polished.

I personally shape my brows every now and then. I either pluck, shave or have it threaded. And when I go out, I always groom it with eyebrow powder and set it with gel.

Here’s a sample to show you what I mean. I shaped and designed my sister’s eyebrows. She is now working and would like to look more professional. And since her eyebrows are a mess and bushy, it hindered her from looking more polished.

left- ungroomed

right- groomed

Look at how her grooms look like. All messy.

  Groomed. This is way better! Don’t you think?

Here is the final product after fixing both eyebrows.

Bare face, only groomed brows.

What do you think? For me, I personally think she looks better with shaped and groomed brows. I’m sure that once she’s made up, she’d look all the more sophisticated.

Hope this helps guys! :)