Dinner with the Beauties (Beauty Bloggers)

Before anything else, can I just share? It’s hubby’s birthday tomorrow and I am so excited!!!! We don’t have anything special planned though. But just to spend a day with him- out on a date, really excites me! We haven’t been going out on quality dates lately because of work and I told me today that tomorrow is a no work day for us so we can celebrate his birthday and spend quality time with each other. πŸ™‚
With that said, last Thursday, March 31, I met up with fellow beauty bloggers from Manila at Greenhills. Thanks to Michelle and Ann for organizing the meet up.) Like what they said, the more the merrier!
The meeting place was Promenade in Greenhills at 6pm, however, I did not realize it would be traffic in Ortigas Ave. So I got stuck in traffic but luckily, I did not have a hard time finding a parking space.
Once I got to the place, it was around 6:30 already (fail!) and they have already chosen Gerry’s Grill to be our chika and dinner place. I was almost the last one to arrive, but Ann was even later. Haha! Happily, we were able to be efficient in discussing and sharing our stories for the 2 happy hours we spent together.
Say and Sab
I actually wasn’t able to take photos that much because I was busy talking (as usual) and getting to know the girls. I learned that I was the eldest amongst them. Darn I feel so old. Haha! And that we come from different parts of the country. It’s so refreshing and exciting to know that we all have a number of things in common; i.e. blogging, pets, business and of course beauty. :p
Now let me share some more tidbits I learned about these beauties!
Michelle, who was the first that I actually met online since she visits my blog pretty frequently, was actually older than what I thought her age was. I thought that she was 14 yrs old. Haha! But look at her? Doesn’t she look young? She’s super cute. And I love her teeny tiny cute voice but she’s got a big attitude. Maybe she gets it from her highschool. Haha! Right Michelle?
Hazel has just graduated this year. Congrats girlie! πŸ™‚ She graduated in DLSU just like me and she’s currently looking at job offers. Of course being the eldest of the group I gave her some tips and advises when it comes to job and work. While talking to her, she’s so prim and proper. She reminds me of a true Dalagang Pilipina.
Hazel and Ann
Ann has her own business with her boyfriend. Hazel and my eyes lit up when Ann said that she doesn’t have hectic deadlines and she could just work whenever. Well of course, in business, there are problems as well but overall, I love Ann’s work! Plus she graduated BS Math and minor in IT. What a girl!!!! πŸ˜‰
Andee, Say and Sab
I learned that Andee and Sab are sisters. Apparently, Sab has already “spilled the beans” about them in her Spilling the Beans video, however, for some reason, I could not open her video. πŸ™ So I learned about the sisterly love that evening.
Andee is soooo cute and funny. She’s so witty. I have watched her videos and I tell you, she is so articulate, I want to be like her! But since I’m not, I don’t see myself doing any vlogs soon. Haha! But I love this girl. She is superb!
Say was one of the reasons why I was so excited to meet this group of beauties. I have been visiting her blog and youtube channel for months now and found her so cute and entertaining.  Because of the meetup, I learned so many things that we have in common. Like she also has 8 dogs at home just like me, that she is an O.C. just like me. She even has a scientific calculator in her bag which was actually convenient towards the end of the evening.
Sab, I can’t even start to describe her. She is full of energy, full of life!!!  She’s just like me multiplied by 5! That’s how energetic she is. She exudes so much life and positivism. The evening didn’t get dull because of her. She’s super funny!
Other photos from the night:
Say’s time of being a celebrity!
  The always camera-ready Sab
I got you this time! :p
Pretty girls!
Say and her scientific calculator + Sab’s usual kakulitan
With the life of the party, Sab! Naks! πŸ™‚
Purple It Is!!!
And for our group photo: (By the way, we have so many many many takes of our group shots. So visit the girls’ blogs to check them out!)

Top- Unlabeled
Cardigan- Unlabeled
Skirt- ShopSui (This skirt is the same as the black one I wore in Maybelline’s event.)
Shoes- SM c/o my mum

I had sooo much fun with these girls. I really wished it didn’t had to end. But I was meeting some of my girl friends after and some needed to go elsewhere. It was so great meeting these people who I visit and follow on a daily basis. I don’t usually comment on blog posts because I’m kinda lazy but I do visit and read each post!

To find out more, do check out the girls’ blogs and follow them too. I’m so excited to go out with them again. Michelle and Ann, be our organizers, okay? πŸ™‚