Revisit: Fresh Catch Isdaan

Hi everyone! It’s the 1st of February and it’s a very busy day for me. However, before I start running around and doing chores. I just wanted to say hi and tell you about my recent trip to Baguio.
It’s my third time to go to Baguio. The first was with H and his family before we were married, the second was with H and this is the third, with my friends. I was the one who planned the itinerary when H and I went last time so I have an idea or two of where to go and where to dine. Of course we had to go back to our favorites!
One of which is Fresh Catch Isdaan. I featured it before in StilettostoSweets, my old blog. This time we were able to order a lot since we were with our friends!
(Photos from my camera and from Cee’s.)
 P1050055 Remember feeding the fish while waiting for your orders?
P1050057 Fried Manok P385.00
This would probably be one of the best fried chicken I have ever tasted, hands down! It was marinated in gata before being fried. That unique twist made the dish worth every penny! We’re now asking our maid to try and cook this at home. Haha!
P1050061 Inihaw na Pusit P200.00
I personally did not like this dish. But you must know that I don’t really eat grilled squid in the first place. My friend Cee, on the other hand, enjoyed the dish very much and so did H. I tasted it and it was the usual squid texture, gummy, runny, like chewing on a rubber. Haha!
P1050063 Grilled Tilapia P329.00
If you check on my old post about Fresh Catch, I’ve already said this, but I’ll say it again- this is yummmyyyy! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s very fresh, it smells so nice, I love the tomatoes and onions that go with it!
Two things I don’t like about Fresh Catch?
1. There’s a singing group who will go to your table and sing and they will not leave unless you give them a tip. We’ve tried ignoring them, and saying no thank you, but they keep singing. The only thing that will keep them away from you is a P20 bill. Not that I’m “KJ”, but we really want to hear each other’s stories and enjoy each other’s company without them breathing down our necks.
2. It’s so difficult to call the attention of a waiter. They’re always far from the table and sometimes you know that they see you waving your hand to catch their attention, yet they choose to ignore it. Even when asking for a napkin, it takes about 3 minutes for them to provide you, maybe because their headquarters is so far from the tables. So if you’re not patient, this will be a deal breaker!
Now one thing that we didn’t try before was to go for the Tacsiyapo wall. Well, this time we just had to! Try and release anger, shall we?
So all my friends have already smashed their mugs flawlessly. I was the last one to throw! Pressure!!!
Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t my lucky day! When I threw my mug, trying to hit the wall, it bounced off a plate and didn’t even reach the wall. Talk about bad throwing skills! ๐Ÿ™
I had to pay for the plate. Well, all I kept thinking was “buti nalang isang plate lang ang nabasag!”
It’s always fun in Fresh Catch. I was even daring my friends to try the bridge contest wherein the contestant has to cross a maybe 6 inch wide bridge and if he does this successfully, he wins 1 kg of fish. Haha! But of course nobody dared to cross it and risk wetting ourselves. :p
Well, H and I enjoyed revisiting the place and bringing our friends here. It’s such a nice hang out place! Have you eaten here? Share your experience too!