First Time in Bubba Gump

It’s almost February! I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s actually bittersweet. As ShopSui’s last day in Glorietta is today (ShopSui Tiendesitas is still open.) Nevertheless, there’s also a new project close to my heart that I’m excited about. So February is starting with some noise!
Well, I will cap off my January with another food post. 🙂 This was actually from my Christmas get together with some friends last year and just didn’t have the time to post it and as I was going through my albums, i saw it and decided it’s worth an entry in my blog for I loved the food!
So last month, my friends and I dined at Bubba Gump in Greenbelt 3 and it was actually my first time to eat there. I am allergic to shrimps and crabs and I just thought that I wouldn’t enjoy eating there because there’s not much options for me. But I was proven wrong!
Here’s me with my friends:
a Top is from HerBench.
Here are our orders:
Photos borrowed from: Vassy
Bourbon Street Mahi Mahi
Charbroiled Cajun spiced mahi mahi with bourbon sauce and shrimp
This is really delicious! I liked that they put potato strings too because it gives the dish more texture. The fish was very tender. And the sauce was a good compliment to the fish. Must order! This would have to be my favorite.
Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken
Boneless breast of chicken, fresh golden corn, garlic mashed potatoes with gravy

Talk about big chicken! This fried chicken was gigantic! Haha! I specifically order for chicken because I didn’t want to it too much seafood and chicken is the safest way to go. This dish kind of reminds me of Chef de Angelos chicken. However, I like Bubba Gump’s better. I liked the taste an d the gravy paired with it. I admit I couldn’t eat a lot because of the breading. It’s quite nakaka-umay, so it’s best to share.
 C Bubba’s Baked Seafood and Rice
Baked seafood rice with shrimp, calamari, fish spinach in parmesan cream sauce, topped with jack & cheddar cheese
Another favorite! I swear I loved the food at Bubba Gump! Haha! The baked seafood and rice is like Jambalaya and Risotto. I loooovvveee! The creaminess, the cheese, and it’s loaded with meat (of course I was only able to eat the fish and calamari). This is really a good dish. It’s very filling because it’s really very rich. There was five of us and we were all able to eat this dish and I would say all of us loved it!
f Frozen Lemon Ups
This drink is actually my husband’s. Haha! It tasted normal, chilled and frozen lemonade. Nothing special about it. I would suggest to order the usual lemonade instead.
Overall, Bubba Gump proved that they’re more than shrimps! Their food is spectacular! I would definitely go back again. Luckily, my friends knew exactly what to order for my first time in Bubba Gump. So my first time experience is phenomenal! 🙂
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3 out of 3 Schnauzers