MUFE All Mat Face Primer

One of the makeups I cannot live without is a good face primer. I have combination skin and I am acidic, which makes my skin condition even worse as my makeup turns grayish and darkens after a few hours. Plus I don’t like retouching all throughout the day. I find it very inconvenient when I’m out and irrelevant. This is where primers come into play. I find that when I use a face primer before doing my makeup, my makeup lasts longer and I rarely would need to retouch.

A thing that I look for in a good face primer is a mattifying effect. This is the property that keeps my oilies at bay and helps me not look like a frying pan. Haha! It’s so hard to find an HG when it comes to a makeup base and mattifier, isn’t it?

One of the primers that I use is Make Up Forever’s All Mat Face Primer.

The All Mat Matifying Primer formula is based on a oil-free and colorless powdered gel providing extreme comfort.

Designed to absorb the excess of sebum, it leaves the skin soft without a hint of shine.

The complexion looks healthy and fresh whatever the occasion.

all-mat_P00003 Photo borrowed from: Make Up Forever’s website

This is actually my expensive primer as I use two makeup primers, one of which is Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream (more on that next time). I use this for myself and even for my clients because I trust this product completely as a good makeup base/primer.

What I love about it:
- The velvety feel after application is really nice.
- The skin feels so soft to the touch whenever I use All Mat.
- I love that it reduces to a thin layer when applied which helps not make the makeup heavy looking and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.
- Good makeup base. My foundation whether it be cream, liquid or powder sticks very well and keeps it in place.
- I have tried using this primer and just applied powder blush and it works well also. My blush stayed intact.
- Doesn’t smell bad nor does it smell strong.
- A small amount goes a long way.
- Makes makeup look flawless! (Scroll down for a photo of me.)

What I don’t love about it:
- Even though it’s a very good makeup base because it reduces need for retouching, it still isn’t mattifying enough for me.
- Pricey.

What I normally do is to pump a little product at the back of my hand or in a mixing bowl (when I use it for myself, I just use the back of my hand but when I am doing makeup for a client, I use a bowl for sanitary purposes), and with a foundation brush, I usually use Suesh Foundation Brush because the bristles aren’t that compact and I sweep product onto the forehead, nose, and cheeks. And I brush them and spread them lightly with my foundation brush to the entire face.

Here are some FOTDs of me using All Mat as my face primer. :) For details about the look, I’ll do a separate post on it.

Look at how flawless my face looks like!

Overall, I like using MUFE All Mat as a makeup base because it really keeps the makeup in its place. However, I still use a mattifying product for my oilies because I find that this product isn’t enough to control it.

When I use this on my clients, I ask about their skin type first. And if they say they have oily skin and if I know that they will be photographed a lot or they might sweat (i.e. weddings), I use MUFE All Mat over a mattifying product to be sure to get all the good benefits of the products. But for dry or normal skin clients, this is a really good product as it is! And I would use this alone prior to makeup application.

How about you? Have you tried this product yet? What do you think about it? :)