Hopeless Romantic: Lemuria


Time for another Hopeless Romantic post because some of my friends have been asking me! So I will be sharing Lemuria today because Monday is Valentine’s Day and it’s one of the most romantic restaurants I have ever been!
We went to Lemuria for our 6th Anniversary to celebrate. It was another hole-in-the-wall place, very private restaurant. I remember seeing the photos of the place and it literally took my breath away. As you know, I love quaint places and this was just it!
Photos borrowed from: Lemuria’s website
As for the food, I ordered their set menu because I wanted the whole thing to be a surprise. Luckily, I’ve known H for a long time that I learned his likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the food that night and I actually forgot what we ate. I browsed through Lemuria’s website and found some pictures of the food I ordered, but not all.
Here’s a rundown:
lemuria_food_Bread Lemuria Homemade Bread
lemuria_food_MushroomMushroom & Gruyere
I remember we loved this so much!
lemuria_food_KurobutaBraised Kurobata Pork Belly, Garlic Potato Puree, served with Pink Peppercorn Sauce
This was for H.
lemuria_food_Sea Seabass, Poached in Saffron Olive Jus with Braised Fennel
This was my main course.
lemuria_food_Valrhoha Valrhoha Chocolate Souffle Cake with Mandarin Orange Glaze
I must admit the food were good, the servers all very attentive. They even gave us free glass of wine because there was a new wine coming out. However, for the food, it wasn’t unforgettable. It was okay, but there was nothing special about them. The plating and presentation was fine, but the taste was just normal.
However, I still loved the place and the experience. There were only three tables that had clients that time so it felt more intimate.
I think this is the perfect place to propose to your girlfriend if you plan to this Valentine’s Day! 🙂
I hope this helps a little. I know it’s not such a helpful post because I forgot about our orders. And I went there ages ago, 3 years ago. So I’m sure they have upgraded and made several improvements I am not aware of. But definitely check the place out. I left the place feeling happy, full because of the high quality ingredients they use for cooking and in love!

5 Julieta Circle, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City

7245211 / 7222185 / 7246306