BTS Pics from ShopSui's August Fashion Shoot

Disclaimer: This post is picture heavy!

Last August, (yes I haven’t updated my blog for sooo long because I’ve been super busy with work) we had another shoot for ShopSui’s new apparel collection. So glad to get a hold of behind the scene photos since I rarely get ‘em. Haha! I’ll post the final pictures soon as part of my portfolio. But you can visit ShopSui’s website or facebook page to view the latest collection and to check out the results of this shoot. Haha!

DSC_0019 I’ll be posting about this brush soon too. I love it!

DSC_0031 Applying UDPP to make the eye makeup last the whole day! And it did. :)

DSC_0033 Eye makeup: Smokey brown eyes to make it sultry but neutral at the same time.
 DSC_0036 The first few sets, we kept the hair straight and smooth.

DSC_0055 Makeup Artist, Model, Stylist

DSC_0144 Retouches

DSC_0146 I normally change the lip color for different sets. 
It makes the look totally different with just a swipe of lip color!

DSC_0230 with the photographer, Hilda Bonnevie

Break time!!!

Haha! I hope you enjoyed the candid funny photos! :p