Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Traditions traditions. I’m quite old fashioned when it comes to wedding traditions. One of which is the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition. Every bride needs to wear/bring these 4 things.  I wanted to make sure I have these. 

I remember my aunt telling me that she brought and wore all these things because this tradition was thought to bring luck.

So here are the things I wore/brought:

Something old:
IMG-2830 Coins

The coins we used for the arrhae was actually my mom’s. These were the coins they used for my mom and dad’s wedding. My mom said that the coins were actually from Rome. Wooahh! :p 

I felt so lucky that my mom was able to keep the coins. After the wedding, I made sure to keep it as well. I plan to give it to my sister when she gets married or my child when he/she marries. It would be like a family heirloom.

Something New
jayanne-olivercharlenew-10 Bridal Gown
Obviously my something new’s my gown. Haha! I think it’s no explanation necessary. 

By the way, speaking of traditions, I did go to fittings. 3-4 times actually. But my designer made sure that the gown wasn’t completely finished when I went for my fittings. So they would make sure that there’s still a few pieces of beads not sewn on.

Something Borrowed
My something borrowed quite funny actually. I couldn’t think of something that I need to borrow. The jewelries that I used were old but they were given to me by my MIL. So it’s not actually “borrowed”.

I needed something else though, that I didn’t have. I needed a "free bra”. It’s a stick on silicon that would serve as bra. Since my gown has low back and front, I couldn’t wear bra. Luckily, one of my aunts has free bra. So I borrowed it from her. She has only worn it once, and was nice enough to lend it to me. Haha! 

Something Blue
Garter & Undies

So I have 2 something blues. The garter that’s supposed to be worn by the bride. And my underwear. :) I figured the garter will be taken off during the reception for the garter toss/bouquet game and will be passed on. So I wanted to have something else that’s blue that will be worn the whole time until the end of the wedding. I remembered during my aunt’s wedding, she also wore blue undies as her “something blue.” So I wore blue undies too. Haha!

So yeah, those were my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I don’t know if it works or what, if it really brings luck. But there’s no harm in doing it right? :p