Priority Privilege

We are privileged! Haha! I am actually talking about the Priority Privilege Card of Crowne Plaza, Hotel Intercontinental and Holiday Inn. It’s a membership card for the three hotels. They have discounts and certificates/coupons to all three hotels.

My husband and I availed the membership last year for our wedding as we were to check in Crowne Plaza. We used the discount certificate for the Executive Suite of Crowne Plaza for my bridal suite. So we got the suite for about P12,000 or so for two nights! We also used the discount certificate for the deluxe room for my husband to stay in the night before the wedding. It was around P4,000 if I’m not mistaken. Basically that was the reason why we got the card. Plus the fact that we love buffet hotel hopping!

After it expired, H kinda felt sad not being able to eat out on a whim. And even though I told him many times for us to think about it, he ended up renewing our membership. Haha! (And yes, for those who are wondering if we’ve already eaten again since the renewal.)

Here’s our membership package when it arrived via Air 21.

Yes, there’s a spouse card or a supplementary card. So I get one too!


The membership is P6,500.

Renewal benefit. :)

I guess for those who really enjoy buffet or fine dining, or those who have the time and enjoy staying at hotels – all are me – it’s okay to avail of the membership card. We’ve even tried using it abroad when we went to Thailand for the third leg of our honeymoon. We actually ate buffet at Holiday Inn Bangkok and got a whopping 50% discount without using any certificate/coupon. We just presented the card and voila. ;)