Good Girls Go Bad Bridal Shower

Before my wedding, my girl friends planned a little bridal party for me. Here's a sneak peak:

After eating dinner and making chika, we continued on with the games. My dear friend Cee was so eager to organize the party. She prepared games and everyone was excited to join the games!

Ready to eat our bananas!

Bride to be aiming!

Diana won!!!

Cee and Roma preparing seriously for another game.

Blind folded, Uh-oh.

Losers to take a shot. Hehe!

Another game. Sundae eating!

As we wrapped up our games, it was time to head on to a room and...

time to make fun of the bride-to-be. Hahaha!

And of course traditions come into play...

Gift giving :)

It was an intimate party with just a handful of friends but it was really fun. I wanted my party to be clean and to be just us girls playing, laughing and talking. 

We eventually played Roma's Rock band.

It was such a wonderful night. Being with my girls for a night was a whole lotta fun. 

Group shot