Cafe Provencal with my friends

I haven't seen my dear friend Sol for sooooo long. And it was such really nice to see her last week. Roma scheduled the meet up and I suggested a place to eat.

It really makes me happy everytime I see my friends. I rarely get to meet up with some of my friends because of our hectic schedule, and now being married and living quite far from the city, it doesn't help at all. Haha! The only nice thing is my husband is not controlling at all and he lets me and sometimes even encourages me to go out with my friends.

So anyways, we had lunch at Cafe Provencal in Shangrila Mall. I was able to take photos of the food but didn't get the prices and the complete name of the dishes. I'm sorry. :/

We were given bread with dip while waiting for our orders. We didn't finish eating this because  we didn't wait a long time before our orders came.

Bottomless Iced Tea

Chicken Salad

I assure you that this is not the name of the salad. I forgot the real name. But it has chicken, potatoes and mushroom. And this was sooooo yummy. All 3 of us agreed that this dish was really delicious. I will go back to Cafe Provencal for this salad again!

4 Cheese Pizza

The pizza was okay. I personally didn't like it that much. It was just okay for me. Maybe because I'm a meat eater??

Tomato Pomodoro, Penne pasta

This was also good and very filling. The dishes were huge! We didn't finish eating this. Imagine, there was three of us but we just finished half of this pasta! It was meant for sharing and it's really big. As for the taste, it was okay. It was a very simple dish and was delicious. I liked the tomato chunks.

We ate and chatted and actually forgot to take photos of ourselves in the restaurant. So when we went to the powder room, we had to take photos first before going our separate ways.

I had  a fun time and I really hope to see more of Sol again. Hehe! :)