Requested: Summer Nights Look

This is a requested eye makeup tutorial by Ms. Lisa. Thanks thanks! 🙂

I call this the summer nights look, because it can go from morning to night. I used three colors to make it more colorful since it’s summer. But I used fun and “oceany” shades.

Rustans Book of Shadows
ES 1– inner eyelids
ES 2– middle part of lids
ES 3– outer V to crease
ES 4– highlight
Eye brushes used from (L-R)
Eyeshadow brush for ES 2 application
Eyeshadow brush for ES 1 application
Pencil brush for ES 3 application
Highlight brush for ES 4
Blending brush
Bent Liner brush for gel eyeliner
Angeled brush for eyebrow (not in photo)
After applying your foundation and makeup primer:
Frame 1- Apply your eyeshadow base. I used Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow in Glistening Sand. It would look like Frame 2.
Frame 3- Apply blue eyeshadow (E1) in the inner corner of the lids. It should look like Frame 4.
Frame 5- Apply blue green shadow (ES 2) in the middle part of the eyelids. Blend it with the blue shadow (ES 1). Apply on the inner lower lashline. It would look like Frame 6.
Frame 7- Choose a dark violet shade for the outer V (ES 3). Blend it upto the crease. Apply also on the outer lower lashline.
Frame 8- Fill eyebrows with eyebrow powder. I’m using Modelco Dark Eyebrow Powder. Apply highlight color (ES 4), choose a white shimmery shade for added drama. Apply gel eyeliener. I’m using MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.
After curling and putting mascara:
Final result
with and without flash