I have so many backlogs. Hopefully I get to post them all in the next couple of days. My sisters stayed at my place last weekend so I had to attend to them first. But I have quite a lot of posts coming up! Another eye tutorial, requested by Ms. Lisa via email. Some makeup haul from Dollface Cosmetics, some other beauty posts and post about our wedding rings.

My husband and I ate lunch at Conti's last Sunday and I was able to take photos of our food!

Crispy Squidlets P110

This is extremely delicious! Haha. Not just your ordinary calamares. It's crispier! But I think they could go for a different sauce though. They just paired it with catsup. But I give it 2 thumbs up!
Mango Salmon Panini P195

This was my order. Supeb! The salty salmon and sweet mango blended perfectly. Plus I really like ciabatta bread which made this dish really heavenly!

Seafood Au Gratin P240

This was H's order. It was creamy, delicious. The salad was also good. Can't say much about it because I just tasted it. My husband finished the whole dish. :)

Chocolate Walnut Torte P80/slice
Photo from Ninna's birthday

We loved the cake so much that we ordered this again. :) It's sooo yummy. But 1 slice is definitely enough.

I think Conti's has really delicious dishes, but the prices aren't that affordable either. I'd say this is great for dates or maybe occasional meals with the family.


 3 out of 4 Schnauzers