CO: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals

Let me talk about a wonderful discovery of mine (I can't believe I just learned about it now!) Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I recently just finished my MMU foundation and wanted to try something new. And since I liked my Covergirl foundation, I thought of trying another drugstore brand (which is of course, much affordable than branded ones).

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals

P599 only

It's only P599, which I think is quite fine. I'm already used to the price of mineral makeup. I've always knew how mineral makeup and how wonderful it is. Now I realize that even drugstore brands do the same and have the same quality.

I'm a Buff, you may notice that this shade is a bit lighter than my skin. It's simply because I'm acidic. :( That means that my makeup darkens and sometimes become grayish. Huhu.

comes with a kabuki brush

It already comes with a pocket kabuki brush, but I don't use this. I find it too small for my face. :p And I don't like that it's not soft. :/ So instead, I use my Charm Luxe Kabuki.

 in a sifter jar

I'm loving the product. I love that it really gives full coverage. When I was talking to the sales person, I asked her what foundation she was wearing, she told me that it was Clear Smooth Minerals foundation. I was in surprised with the coverage and immediately got myself one.

Thoughts on the product: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals
It's currently my HG foundation for the summer. I don't wear heavy makeup during summer or even for regular days. I just want my skin to breathe, feel light and not put too much makeup. I remember my mom telling me that if you always put makeup on, you tend to age faster. Clear Smooth Minerals foundation is not heavy at all, just like usual mineral foundations.