Bridal Gown

One very critical thing in wedding planning is picking out the bridal gown. I admit I thought I had it all planned out back when I was little. But I realized it's a different era now than it was before! What I wanted before, definitely doesn't look flattering nor does it fit my body type! Haha! I was too inspired by the gowns before.

First step was to chose a designer. I definitely didn't want my gown to be very expensive because I know that I will never be wearing that again. So I wanted to choose a designer who isn't mainstream but knows his/her craft very well and makes us comfortable. Alas we chose Janet Castro.

Janet was really really friendly and accommodating. She made sure that the design of my gown fits our budget, but she never compensated for the quality.

After reviewing and going through so many designs, and so many criteria, i.e. I wanted it in lace, because I want a very romantic looking gown. I didn't want it over the top. I wanted it classic. I wanted it to have a low back and low front but not too vulgar. I wanted a long train.Until Janet and I finally decided on my bridal gown.

Things I learned during planning:
1. Choose a designer close to your home. I chose Janet also because her boutique was close to my home. So whenever I needed or wanted to check on my gown, it was very convenient.
2. Choose a designer that makes you comfortable. I was eyeing two designers, but decided on getting Janet because the other one was all business talk. I felt with Janet that she really did want to make me happy with the design and basically, happy on the day itself.
3. Fit fit fit! We had several fittings, I think 3 or 4, but I didn't mind. I wanted to fit the gown to be sure that everything was in place and was in order. It was very important that I still fit in my gown too! Also fit your gown when you have your shoes. To check on the length of the skirt. Mine was too long so it was a bit difficult to walk properly.
4. Decide on the design with your designer. It's important to share your thoughts about the design with your designer. They know what looks good on your body type, and what will flatter you. But you know your style and your body best. After all, it's you who'd be wearing it and seeing it in photos for the rest of your life.
5. Consider the church, if they're conservative or not. (Some churches do not allow tube gowns) Better if you call the church and ask about their dress code policy for brides and even for entourage.
6. Don't go for super expensive gowns but don't be cheap as well. Remember this, you'll only wear it once, for one night only. But your wedding is also a once-in-a-lifetime event. Photos and videos ill be there forever to remind you of your wedding day.